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ISS Toolbag visible with the naked eye now

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    Saw it with a telescope; it was magnitude 8.6, but appeared remarkably bright. The Heavens-Above prediction was about 7 arcminutes off in position and 20 seconds off in time.
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    Exactly where do you get the number 10 for kilometers rate of fall per day? I have recorded the numbers almost daily since last November and made a graph recently. Even now it is falling at about 4 km per day. I have read that 200 km is a height where it will decay rapidly and you may be right that 170 km could be the end. Anyhow it should be soon.
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    Yes, I was wrong by about a factor 2. I think the Heavens-Above website a few days ago was a bit behind updating the height, skipping one day, giving the false impression that the descent rate had increased a lot.
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    The toolbag has dropped in the Pacific. Had it dropped just a little later, it would have been visible over Mexico and Texas. :grumpy:
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