1. W

    I Gravitational Jerk Computation

    I've seen much about jerk, and how it's generally nearly instantaneous, and for general acceleration, that's fine. However, if I lift at a constant acceleration upward slightly stronger than gravity is pulling me downward, the gravitation pull of the Earth will offset part of my force, so that...
  2. Tom Hammer

    I Was the recent ISS leak imminently dangerous?

    The ISS suffered a leak apparently caused by a 1/8 inch hole left during manufacture and never repaired. On Quora, the claim has been made that such a hole with one atm of pressure difference would only cause 324 cu ft of air to rush out per hour. I don't think this is close to correct, but I am...
  3. A

    I Changing the ISS's orbital inclination to match the Moon

    What is the practical feasibility of changing the International Space Station's orbital inclination to match the orbit of the Moon? Major future missions beyond the Earth-Moon system (ie: space colonization) will likely require in-orbit assembly of components from multiple launches. And...
  4. L

    B Clear definition of microgravity?

    Hi, I read about definition of microgravity. It is usually described as reduced g, but not zero g. How can one say then that an object is in microgravity? I was looking hours for a clear definition, like an object is in microgravity if there are just 10^-6g left (clearly wrong, because I read...
  5. B

    Stargazing Telescope aboard the iss

    why is there no telescope like hubble on the international space station/? as i know, the iss is only 150 km lower in orbit than the hubble space telescope, and is at different inclination. Having people around is pretty convenient i think, so replacing parts and doing regular maintenance would...
  6. B0b-A

    [Gold] fish-eye view
  7. T

    Results from TLE & SGP4 propagation - don't seem right & need help with interpretation

    Greetings all ! I have this problem with SGP4 propagation, that I hope someone can help me out with. I acquired a TLE of the ISS from internet and used the C++ SGP4 propagator to compute future position and velocity vectors of the Station. I am unsure about some aspects of results though and...
  8. Q

    ISS Visibility If Painted Black?

    Hey All, Would the International Space Station be visible to the naked eye if it was painted black? Thanks for any replies!