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I’ve made a huge mistake (or: how I learned I hate business and love physics)

  1. Aug 4, 2011 #1
    Greetings! I’m a long time lurker; so let me apologize off the bat for popping in here with my first post being a request for advice, I’ll try not to ramble too much.

    Two years ago the idea of "changing course" on the direction of my life came up. I pushed the idea aside, assuming my interest in physics to be nothing but a hobby on the side, or something I wouldn't enjoy studying/working in. Now I'm at a point where I come home from work or class, and start studying physics textbooks with far more interest than the career I have or the degree I am pursuing.

    I am entering my final year on a business degree (Sadly I did not realize how little I enjoyed it until quite late), and it seems the best thing to do is to finish this degree up before studying physics - Unless there is a good reason otherwise, believe me I would love to dive into physics now! haha!

    To make matters a bit more complicated, I am certainly not a traditional student. I am 28, I started quite late, and I have bounced between part-time and full-time enrollment. I even had to drop two whole semesters due to some financial and health problems hitting at the same time. All the while I've worked full-time as the IT Manager for a mid-size company. Between my lack of passion for the subject and focusing on my job, my transcript and grades are fairly mediocre.

    I suppose my questions to you all are simply:
    Are there any particularly good resources out there for people who are interested in pursuing a second degree?

    Does anyone have any general advice for someone in this situation, or are there any particular hurdles I may have to deal with? I realize with my history that I won't be getting accepted into MIT or anything, but I assume I should be able to get into a half-decent undergrad program somewhere.
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  3. Aug 7, 2011 #2
    I myself study mechanical engineering just because everyone said i wont be able to make it as a research physicist,as there are only few positions.
    I can totally understand what yoyu are going through. to give you a picture about me, I almost throw up when is study mechanical design and on the other hand i take time off to self-study quantum mech and G.relativity(its hard without a teacher!)
    So now i think you feel like 'screw economics' i wanna do what i want
    but the question is this: Doode, youre 28( no offfense) .Studying again undergrad is tough.How do you stand Financially?What are you going to do after your major? Pursue a phycisist carrer?Thats tough.
    But again you should do what you feel and youre gonna succed.Make some applications,send them and see hgow it goes
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