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I've told you a million times - don't hyperbolize! (density of objects)

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    I just heard a ridiculous claim on what is supposedly a science show "How Do They Do That?"

    They said that the core of a golf ball is made from a polymer compressed so much that it is equivalent to "40kg of steel fitting in a sphere just 4cm in diameter".

    That's 1200g/cm3! 1200 times the density of water, 50 times denser than the densest element!

    I keep reviewing the claim in my head, trying to figure out how I could have misheard it. Even if he said 4kg instead of 40, that's STILL preposterous.

    Alas, nowhere can I find any claim online that tells me what the correct number is. I see numbers for a whole golf ball, but not for the core (which will be higher.) A whole golf ball is only a little denser than water.
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    I've opened a golf ball before, definitely not that much pressure. :)
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