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News James Stewart's house is for sale

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    If the name James Stewart doesn't ring a bell, think "calculus." Yes, that Stewart, the author of that ubiquitous calculus textbook. He died last December, and his Integral House is now for sale, for a cool $23 million (Canadian, presumably, because the house is in Toronto).

    Gorgeous $23 million mansion in the woods has a design inspired by math (CNN.com)

    Obituary: James Stewart devoted his life to math and music (The Globe and Mail, Toronto)
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    Meh. It doesn't appear to be very cozy inside, more like an upscale business conference center than a home. I half expected to see a Kinko's or UPS Store somewhere within its precincts.

    One would probably feel more at home living in a visitor's lounge at a random air terminal somewhere.
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    If it was haunted, the walls would cry tears of calculus students every year around finals.
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