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Just an idea I've been going over.

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    ((If this has already been thought or won't work of please tell me so I won't persue the idea any longer))

    Is it really dark matter that is causing our universe to accelerate and not slow down? What if it was that our universe was being pulled towards another universe/universes to a colision point.

    We all know that there are forces that have baffeld science before and some that still do, like black holes. What if the gravitational force of both universes were so strong that it literaly ripped space "into" them. This would eliminate any need to explain dark matter. (Is this even coherent? I'll draw a picture tonight.)

    The only thing is, how could this be tested?

    (I thought of this in the shower like twenty minutes ago)
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    Actually thats the role of the hypothetical dark energy.

    Then the data would support that conclusion. At the moment though, unless our understanding of the data is vastly wrong(always a possibility), that is not the case.

    No idea what you're actually trying to say here.
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    I figured I wouldn't be able to do my idea justace. I'll post a picture to better explain it later...
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