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Kakuro is based on partitions of integers

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    Does anyone do these? Sudoku is based on magic squares, Kakuro is based on partitions of integers. I haven't really tried solving any yet but my first impression was that Kakuro is generally tougher than Sudoku (for me anyway).
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    Yes I agree that Kakuro is harder. Kakuro was introduced to me by someone here (mattmns I believe). It helps to memorize some of the possible combinations of numbers. For example if you have to make a 3 with two cells there is only one possibility. But not so immediately obvious is that to make 30 with 4 cells there is also only one possibility - 6, 7, 8, 9. etc.
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    I do soduku, I like it but it needs time to finish the whole square and fill it with the numbers. the other kakuru.. ua ua, is it Possible to play this game on the net?
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    I don't play it but I'm sure a few sites would come up if you searched for online kakuro on google or something.
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