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Kerr Diagrams for Defect Frequencies

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    I am currently undertaking a module in Failure Analysis, one topic of which is vibration monitoring of bearings.

    During this study, the notion of first and second Kerr diagrams as a tool for analysis came up. I have been trying to find additional information on Kerr diagrams; however, outwith the lecture notes, there appears to be none.

    I have consulted the recommended reading list, Google, and spoken with professional engineers working in condition monitoring -- none of which has been able to provide any insight. In fact, outwith the lecture notes, there seems to be no trace of their existence.

    My question is whether anyone on this form is familiar with Kerr diagrams and if possible, could point the way to additional reference material?

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    The use of the Kerr metric plot for black hole analysis seems a stretch for bearing vibration; but, by scrolling down to the "Features of the Kerr geometry" section in the below Wikipedia reference and viewing the plot on the right side you will see what could be construed as the rotational pattern of a failing bearing but not to the specific plots you show in your thread post.

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