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Keyed serpentine pulley with a 5/8 bore to mount on a motor

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    It needs to be 3.0in to 4in OD, the belt which it will drive will have 6 grooves. It will be mounted on a motor shaft and there also has to be a way to tighten it with a screw securely. I am having a really hard time finding one, which is understandable since they are commonly used on automobiles, rather than motors.

    I found a 2.2in OD pulley on ebay which VERY closely matches what I am looking for but.... It's too small and the rpm on my secondary pulley will not be fast enough

    My secondary pulley is actually a small bicycle wheel (16in) I found in a back alley. I know it's not proper, but I am trying to save money, a pulley of the same size is quite expensive. The whole goal to reduce the motor rpm to about 300-400RPM from 1725rpm. I am trying to avoid using lots of pulleys to obtain this rpm.

    Could someone help me?

    Thank you
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    Make sure you check your center distances. The wrap angle on a 3 inch sheave will be potentially too small between it and a 16 inch wheel.
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    Did you ever find this? I need the same thing for a hydro pump!
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    I purchase an ordinary serpentine pulley with that diameter. Got a metal block smaller than the pulley, drilled a hole dead center of it with same diameter of motor shaft. I then proceeded to trill a small hole at the side for a bolt to be inserted and tightened. Finally I welded it onto the pulley after sticking both it and the pulley on motor shaft so they were perfectly aligned.
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