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An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy. Heat engines convert heat into work via various thermodynamic processes. The internal combustion engine is perhaps the most common example of a heat engine, in which heat from the combustion of a fuel causes rapid pressurisation of the gaseous combustion products in the combustion chamber, causing them to expand and drive a piston, which turns a crankshaft. Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical motion, pneumatic motors use compressed air, and clockwork motors in wind-up toys use elastic energy. In biological systems, molecular motors, like myosins in muscles, use chemical energy to create forces and ultimately motion.

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  1. ArnoVonck

    Fan-motor system resonance problem

    Hello everyone, I am a student doing an internship at IMEC, Belgium. I am studying a fan driven by a motor. This fan-motor system goes into resonance at a control frequency of 36.2 Hz. This corresponds to 18.1 Hz impeller frequency. The operating range of this fan is 30 to 40 Hz, so we can't...
  2. K

    B Simple yet effective way to reliably control the DC Motor speed?

    As a part of our physics high-school self-study, we are making a stroboscope. We have a small 5-V DC motor that powers the strobe disk. It works as expected, but, clearly, the motor makes the disk spin at a constant speed. Is there an easy, but effective and reliable way to control its speed...
  3. hugo_faurand

    Looking for advice on motors for a small windmill (for kids)

    Hello everyone ! I speak about energy to a fifth grade class. I want to build small windmills made of paper cup for the blades. The goal is to light a LED when the windmill is running. I was looking for a small motor to do the alternator. I found this one and I wanted to know if it could fit...
  4. T

    Ideas welcome on how to attach 2 shafts of different diameters

    I have a motor and a 3 phase generator which I would like to connect together, i.e. let the motor drive the generator and measure it's output. Each have their own type of shaft which do not fit together. I would therefore like to get some proposals, preferably which do not require custom work at...
  5. SuperSneaky666

    How powerful is this motor?

    I am a beginner in Electronics and motors, and I want to build a DIY device that is like this I am just wondering how powerful is that motor that turns the globe in the device, which would hold the cat waste and litter. I am looking to get a powerful enough motor from but just not...
  6. Martinz

    Power factor of motor with VSD?

    If I have a motor with a full load power factor of 0.8 and starting power factor of 0.3 and I install a VSD to run it with a datasheet power factor of 0.95, will the power factor during starting be 0.3 or 0.95? And at full load? Cheers!
  7. M

    Engineering Torque calculation of a motor with permanent magnets

    $$Vstator_{peak} = 120√2 *√2 = 240 V$$ $$Istator_{peak} = i_{q} (current on q axis)= 20*√2 = 28.2842 A $$ $$ω{15} = Ω_{15} * p = 2π * 15 = 94.2477 rad/s$$ $$ω{15} = Ω_{15} * ψ_{pm}$$ Hence $$ψ_{pm} = e0/ω15 = 168.3V/94.2477 rad/s => ψ_{pm} = 1.79 Wb$$ $$M = 3/2 * p * ψ_{pm} * iq $$ Hence $$ M...
  8. M

    Engineering Induction motor calculation problems

    Given the following input parameters: Parameter Value Rs (Resistance through stator) 1.4 Ω Rr (Resistance through stator) 0.7 Ω Ls (stator inductance) = Lr (rotor inductance) 0.002 H xs = xr = 2*π*f*Ls 0.6283i Ω Lm(magnetic inductance) 0.01 H xm = 2*π*f*Lm 3.1415iΩ f (frequency)...
  9. O

    How to wind a brushless motor (number of windings per stator)

    Hi folks, I'm searching for information/procedure and also calculations/equations on how to correctly wind a stator on a (general or DC 3-phase) brushless motor? I.e. how to wind a copper wire X number of times around the stators, and thus get the desired performance/force that is required...
  10. M

    Engineering Induction motor calculations

    Given the AC Induction (asynchronous motor) in 3 phases: Parameter Value Pn (Nominal Power) = Pmechanical (output power at the shaft) 5 kW = 5000W uls (Voltage through the stator line) 220 V fstator (stator frequency) 50 Hz p (Number of pole pairs) 2 LFe (Iron loss) = Lmechanical...
  11. piyushverma

    Ansys Maxwell: Transient generator simulation torque fluctuation

    I am working on an axial flux generator design, I consisits of 2 rotors and one stator, there are 6 pole pairs and 9 coils. Here is my simulation setup The three phase windings are connected in star configuration through Maxwell circuit. I created two bands enclosing each rotor and then united...
  12. V

    Is overcharging or undercharging a car battery bad for the starter motor?

    I'm pretty sure the answer is overcharged by intuition. Can someone provide a reason?
  13. M

    How to determine the power of a rotary lobe pump?

    Want to know how to get the actual power the pump needs. I can measure the flow rate by the flow meter and count the revolutions of the pump. But selecting the proper motor for the pump would be a problem. So I want to know how to determine the power of the rotary lobe pump and generate the...
  14. O

    Analytical mathematical modeling of the torque caused by the laundry

    Hello my dear physicists, I'm trying to model the varied generated (needed)Torque to rotate a washing machine Drum during a Washing Process so i assumed that the Model has as Input the target vilocity and as an Output the new needed torque to rotate the Drum(to be as a input for the motor...
  15. E

    How do I select the right motor and gear ratio for a mid-drive e-Bike?

    Hey all! I am working on my first ebike build and posted a question about friction drives earlier. Now, I have decided to go with a Mid-drive. I made calculations and found out the torque and rpm required for the build. But I am having difficulty find the right motor and gear ratio. I am trying...
  16. George-M

    Number of Turns vs. Wire Gauge (BLDC Motor)

    Summary: For the same mass of copper wire, would more turns or greater thickness create a stronger magnetic field from a coil? So I am attempting to make a brush less DC motor, and I am wondering whether the coils would create a greater magnetic force if there are more turns or if the wire is...
  17. B

    Automotive EV hub motor torque for pulling a roller

    I am working on a 500 kg roller, which I want to pull using electric motor. I am considering hub motor, since it is easier to frame a basic ev with it. Now I need to know the capacity of the hub motor, I need to choose. Roller weight = 500 kg Frame weight + driver weight = 150 kg speed required...
  18. Isolde Wilde

    DIY Stirling engine project

    hello, I had made an DIY alpha type Stirling engine for my physics project and now I have to write an report about the relationship between the heat given to the engine and the motion of the wheel. I had searched a lot about Stirling engines and I learned about work, energy, efficiency...
  19. E

    How do motors on gimbals work? (2-axis camera mount application)

    Hello everyone, I am trying to build a 2-axis camera gimbal, which will control yaw and pitch. I have bought sensorless BLDC motors (GB280870KV) which I drive using SPWM. For knowing the camera orientation, I am using IMU sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) integrated on the...
  20. Z

    Small size Motor to generate this torque

    Good day everyone. I have two magnets where if I rotate them 20° they disconnect. It has a 0.4 N* m force of torque. I want to make them move with a motor. However I need it as little as possible. So after doing research I found tiny motors that are around 4000 RPM. It doesn't mention the HP...
  21. Connor Richardson

    Wheelchair motor, "Skid Steer" style control

    Hey, so for a capstone project we are working with 2 24V wheel chair motors. and the sponsor wants us to make it operate like a skid steer (two separate handles, one for each motor, controlling the forward and reverse speeds). Me and my group being a mechanical engineers, we are not so...
  22. S

    Determining Torque for this problem

    Hi, Could someone please help me with this. I need to move an object which weighs 300 g horizontally, which is linked to a linear actuator consisting of rack and pinion arrangement which is driven by a servo motor. The speed at which the object should move is 3 m/s and the distance is 0.5 m...
  23. O

    How to define a hysteresis loop in ANSYS MAXWELL?

    I am trying to simulate an electric motor in ansys maxwell software, but I can't define the whole loop in four quadrants for the material used in the rotor however it is essential to do this since the motor is of hysteresis type and works on the principle of working point moving all around the...
  24. akaf24

    Motor Selection

    Hello, for a project I need to select a motor which can rotate at 600 RPM with 3 HP of power. Do AC motors typically require a controller and drive? For example, I am interested in purchasing this. Do I need to buy an expensive controller just to operate it? How complex is the set up and...
  25. O

    How to design a motor with a given set of requirements?

    Let's suppose we are given a set of requirements and we are to design a motor that meets them. Requirements are: 3 phase synchronous, 480v, 50Hz and of hysteresis type and alnico is the only available option and it should deliver a 0.6N.m output torque. Dimensions should not exceed 150 mm and...
  26. J

    Electric Motor question

    If a motor slowed to a halt, will the current go up or down
  27. CMW328i

    Engineering Help with magnetic field forces in a motor

    Hi all, Not a question about completing homework here, but I'm a teacher looking to create a realistic engineering question for an assignment. I have an engineering scenario I've set for the assignment which is a junior engineer working for a marine engineering company so all of the questions...
  28. mheruian

    Winding Direction Consideration (Proper Winding)

    Hello, I'm boy who suddenly been strucked by curiosity on how hand crank generator works and i watch and read some of how to create one, specially this one on youtube: and i want to create one but i don't have a 3D printer, but i saw some alternative but as i do/design my own coil based on...
  29. Paola Flores

    Auto/Motor Reeling Motor Project - Help Please

    Hello, I'm a engineering student currently taking Thermodynamics and we have this project for our finals which is a sort of reeling /towing device, the assignment consists in a reeling motor that has to tow a small car up along a slope, loaded with a certain weight, the team that is able to...
  30. S

    Force from the legs of an electric motor due to torque

    I need to perform stress analysis for the stand for an industrial sized electric motor like pic related. The motor stands on four legs. I need to know the force that the legs of the motor exert on the stand due to its torque. I have all the dimensions of the motor including weight and torque...

    One 160 kW motor vs two 129 kW motors

    This is related to steel wire pulling machine. I have 2 cases. In CASE-1: ONE MOTOR 160 kW AND CASE-2: TWO MOTORS 129 kW Each. i.e 2x129 kW Which case would have an efficient pulling force and efficiency Case 1 or Case 2.
  32. Jay1298

    Motor combination to drive multiple tyres

    If I need 50,000 Nm of torque to rotate a wheel, and I am rotating it about its rim (like the London eye), would 5 10,000 Nm motors each connected to a set of tyres to rotate it (the motors are not connected to each other), or would these motors first need to be connected to each other and then...
  33. C

    Engineering Mechatronics: DC Motor Position Control

    Homework Statement Write down the equations of motion and develop the continuous-time system. Homework Equations See my word doc. or PNG's. The Attempt at a Solution See my word doc. or PNG's. I assumed that there was no friction as no information was given. I can easily get the transfer...
  34. H

    Four carbon brushes for a DC Motor- what are they for?

    Hi in every theoretical explanation of any kind of DC motor there's always a split ring commutator and two brushes like in the following pic then when it comes to my motorbike/car starter motor rebuild the real thing in practice is different- see the following pic with four carbon brushes- two...
  35. A

    How To lock My gear?

    SO, here is the case guys. I have a mechanism to turn plate by a motor. Both motor and plate was connected through 2 spur gears. But here is the problem, when wind strike the plate, the plate start to rotate even without the power of the motor. What is the best way so i can prevent the plate...
  36. rkatcosmos

    What is the rotational velocity of hard disk actuator arm?

    0 down vote favorite There is a lot of material discussing the rotational speed of the magnetic disk in HDD but not about the rotational speed of actuator arm. What are the typical actuation speeds of the actuator in HDD? This information will be used in the design of a fast shutter system...
  37. Y

    Calculate torque of an 80kg object rotating on its central axis

    Hello, I have a setup whereby: 1) A circular plate with fillet under-edge, is sitting like a bowl on some ball bearings. Imagine if you will a bowl sitting in a way that it can rotate and move a bit up and down etc. without much friction. 2) The plate needs to rotate at about 4 or 5 rpm. 3) The...
  38. yrjosmiel

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of n-pole motors?

    From what I've understand now, it is like in a brushed DC motor, the more poles you have, the less RPM but higher torque. Can anyone confirm?
  39. E

    Winding Dilemma

    I attach an image of something I am experimenting with. The picture itself (and added text) should be self-explanatory. 1) Which way should my windings (clockwise or counter-clockwise) go around P1; P2; P3 & P4 for maximum voltage (V) ? [ 1 Ø ] [ 1 x single enamelled copper conductor ] [...
  40. Waggles

    Renewable Energy Concept - Stirling Engine Composting

    So I've got this crazy idea. To put it simply, to use the heat from anaerobic composting to power hot-air engine, specifically a Stirling Engine. Based solely on my own reading, the center of a closed composting heap can reach anywhere from 120-160 degrees without killing the microorganisms...
  41. A

    Synchronous Machine Voltage Curves & Torque Relation to Armature Current

    Hello everyone Im new on the forum and I just discovered what are sync machines... I have really basic question what I still cannot figure out.. I did some experiments with motor for different field currents and torques. In the result I measured armature currents and did V curves. But next...
  42. B_Mulcahy

    Help with a motor as a dynamo

    Hey, I understand that essentially a dynamo is the inverse of a motor however I was wondering if I could have a little more detail on the subject, how exactly can you convert a motor to a dynamo? Is it as simple as turning the motor and wiring it up to an output to create the current or do you...
  43. anony123

    More force with more pulleys?

    Hello, First of all, I'm new to this forum and to not know whether this thread is in the right place or not. If not, feel free to replace it. I'm in my first year of university, studying industrial engineering. On a test I got the following image: The red square is a block with a specific...
  44. A

    Nitinol engine design

    So I'm starting to do some tests with nitinol (order about 5 feet of wire just to do some basic tests and get a feel for the material before I go any further). I've seen a few variations on different types of motors that are powered by nitinol and am wondering if they all have the same...
  45. Silverhobbiest

    Can someone help me chose a motor for my hand drill?

    Background: (I'm a beginner) I plan on using PCV pipe for the main body. The drill's purpose will be to install screws into pre-cut groves (basically a motorized screwdriver). These screws will be only a couple centimeters tall so the motor will only need a moderate amount of torque and rpm. It...
  46. B

    Do I need a feedback card to acquire motor RPM from a VFD?

    The VFD I plan on using; DURApulse GS3 series AC drive: Model: GS3-22P0 The feedback card accessory for the VFD: Hi everyone, I would like to know if I need this feedback card to...
  47. B

    Is this Variable frequency drive compatible with this motor?

    My senior design adviser told me that the VFD must be the same brand as the motor that is being used, I'm not sure I believe this. I plan on using a GS1 series AC drive, here is a link; Here is a...
  48. Gurfin321

    Automotive Electric Longboard Gear Ratio

    I would like to know what gear ratio i would need for my electric longboard. The goal is to run the longboard at 30 - 40 km/h at max power. Me and the longboards weight is approximately 65 kg. The brushless motor i am running has an rpm of approximately 18000 rpm (as it is an airplane engine)...
  49. D

    Which supercapacitor range is needed to run a 48V DC motor?

    I'm doing a project where I need to hand power for dc motor (12V or 24V) and charge a super capacitor, and then use it to drive another 48V dc motor. I want to know which Super capacitor will be suitable? Please give suggestions for Super capacitor specifications for both 12V and 24V that will...
  50. E

    What's about no air-gap in motors?

    Hi, I saw few threads here about air-gap in motors, and I wonder what if we ignore mechanical issues and make an "iron-gap" in the motor. for example: in linear motor(e.g. this cute one: if we make the tube between the stator...