What is Motor: Definition and 1000 Discussions

An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy. Heat engines convert heat into work via various thermodynamic processes. The internal combustion engine is perhaps the most common example of a heat engine, in which heat from the combustion of a fuel causes rapid pressurisation of the gaseous combustion products in the combustion chamber, causing them to expand and drive a piston, which turns a crankshaft. Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical motion, pneumatic motors use compressed air, and clockwork motors in wind-up toys use elastic energy. In biological systems, molecular motors, like myosins in muscles, use chemical energy to create forces and ultimately motion.

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  1. K

    How to spec a motor for this floor testing system?

    I am designing a system to test floors, called the "Robinson-Type Floor Test". I have the basic design below, but I'm having trouble determining how exactly to spec the motor here. The large pulley on the rotary shaft is 12in in diameter and the small pulley on the motor is 3in in diameter. At...
  2. G

    Motor rotating at normal speed and then prevented from rotating

    The current of the circuit would be: $$I=\dfrac{\varepsilon - \varepsilon'}{r+r'}=\dfrac{100-\varepsilon'}{1+r'}$$ But I do not understand the two methods of operation of the engine that the statement talks about: it rotates in normal regime and the engine is prevented from turning. What...
  3. dcmf

    Avg Power in a Rotational Energy/Work Problem

    This question has multiple parts and according to all the work done up to this point... How much work W does the motor do on the platform during this process? 1885 J What is the rotational kinetic energy of the platform Krot,f at the end of the process described above? 1885 J What is the...
  4. P

    Modelling the voltage measured across a dc motor

    Hi there, I have done an experiment measuring the voltage across the terminals of a dc motor, whilst running and then by holding it with my fingers to stop it. Done as demo for my high school class. The voltage reading was higher when the motor was running, which was against my expectations as...
  5. T

    Graph of time vs distance for sizing a motor for linear motion

    Hi, I'm sizing motor for a linear motion, usually for the time distance graph would be looks like this, however, how does the graph look like if the stroke is very short? Example: velocity is 0.1m/s, acceleration is 1m/s2, moving stroke is 0.5mm, a cycle is within 0.05s the application is to...
  6. S

    Trying to calculate motor kW/reduction drive for lift of 100kg at 0.8m /sec

    Hi need to calculate 240v/315v motor size attached to reduction gearbox (reduction unknown) to lift a weight of 100kg on cable drum .8mtr/sec. Drum dia not determined yet. motor size not determined yet. any help is greatly appreciated as this seems to be out of depth of many motor drum winch...
  7. B

    Engineering Why Isn't My DIY DC Motor Turning?

    Hi so I'm making a DC motor for my school project and I have no clue why it doesn't work properly. I used copper wire to make the coil (around 50 windings) and put that around a wooden axle (the windings and the coil itself are secured using tape and cable ties), I have a split ring commutator...
  8. C

    Does anyone know how this motor from Quantum Energy works?

    Does anyone know how this motor from Quantum Energy (aka Inductance Energy) works? They have a series of videos on their channel, this being is just the latest. I think their facory in Byron, Wyoming was part funded by a government loan.. Factory and training/recruitment center..
  9. C

    Auto/Motor Build a Motor DIY - No Machine Shop Needed

    Hello everyone, I wanted to build an electric motor, and I have done quite a bit of research on it. However, all the links that I get are for “simple motors”, which are essentially just a D battery, a kitchen magnet, and coil of copper wire. I have tried these already, but I wanted to build a...
  10. S

    Motor Sizing for Wheel Endurance Testing

    I am working with a wheel endurance testing application. I am trying to size a motor for the system. Basically, I have a drum which has to be rotated by the motor. I have different size wheels that I have to test. The motor is supposed to rotate the drum and then the wheel is pushed onto the...
  11. C

    Question about motor efficiency and its electrical "power" rating

    i have an oven fan motor and its rated at 15watts, is this output or consuption if its the output whats the efficiency, how many watts is needed to make it run at full capacity thanks i n advance
  12. L

    Calc Torque Req for Rotating 35lbs @ 25RPM

    I need help calculating the motor torque requirements for a project I'm working on...the senario is as follows... Two 5/8" diameter aluminum rods that are 3 feet long and 6" apart from each other. These rods need to rotate a maximum load of 35 pounds at a speed of 25 rotations per minute...
  13. PhysicsTest

    Back EMF: Phase-to-Phase Voltage Explained

    When the back emf of the motor is referred does it always refer to phase to phase voltage. For example Back emf of A is A phase with respect to B phase? (A+, B-) Back emf of B is B phase with respect to C phase? (B+, C-) Back emf of C is C phase with respect to A phase? (C+, A-)
  14. S

    B Homopolar motor rotation in Vacuum

    Hi again, I've found interesting video. Roller homopolar motor : Roller Motor Do you think the motor from 1:08 min Will self rotate in Vacuum/Space (No other forces : Gravitational or Other type.) Thank you in advance.
  15. O

    I need help with a Baldor dc motor, 15kw 240 volt ,150 volt field

    I need help with a Baldor dc motor, 15kw 240 volt armature and 150 volt field, I don't need the 15kw and so want to feed it with 150 volts to both field and armature, does anyone know the effect this will have on the motor, can I cause damage, what would be the approximate power output, I know...
  16. N

    Calculating Motor Load Capacity for a 4kg Vehicle

    TL;DR Summary: I need help with calculating how much a motor will be able to pull. Hi all, I am currently in my first year of engineering and we have a project which requires us to use motors to drive a 4kg max vehicle. I was planning on using the very common yellow DC motors which have...
  17. may ki

    Looking for a 12VDC motor with low RPM

    I'm looking for a motor that will drive a colorwheel inside a robot. All of the 12v/DC motors I have discovered so far have significantly higher RPMs (3000+) than I require. I would prefer something that runs quietly between 3 and 10 RPM. I looked online and found a few gear motors to try, but...
  18. ArnoVonck

    Fan-motor system resonance problem

    Hello everyone, I am a student doing an internship at IMEC, Belgium. I am studying a fan driven by a motor. This fan-motor system goes into resonance at a control frequency of 36.2 Hz. This corresponds to 18.1 Hz impeller frequency. The operating range of this fan is 30 to 40 Hz, so we can't...
  19. L

    B Model rocket physics: Why doesn't the motor go through the nose cone?

    For those who have built those small model rockets, please help me understand a very very simple physics problem that i for some reason do not fully get. Why is it that the motor tube does not have a retention ring on it, to prevent the motor from flying out the nose cone? i know it cant be...
  20. S

    Interesting concept -- pump, motor or both?

    Not sure if it is meant to be a pump or a compressed air motor. Or maybe it can work as a pump or as a motor? What would be the practical problems? Does it add anything to the prior art? --- Edit : Not sure how it will make a proper seal, with that step in the back plate.
  21. mastermechanic

    Electronics How to control a stepper motor in closed loop (PID) in arduino?

    Hello, What I have I have a NEMA17 stepper motor driven by a DRV8825 driver module, an arduino uno, a multiturn potentiometer. What I want to do I want to control the stepper motors in a PID closed loop. The motor shaft will be connected to the potentiometer and I will be sure that the motor...
  22. A

    Electronics Need help sealing my 775DC 30,000 rpm motor shaft

    Hi, I need help finding a way to seal my 775DC 30,000 rpm 5mm motor shaft going into my pump housing I built. This motor will run once a week for up to 5 minutes. The pump with have air and water in it. I will rarely ever be completely filled with water. So, the pump will mainly be pushing...
  23. K

    B Simple yet effective way to reliably control the DC Motor speed?

    As a part of our physics high-school self-study, we are making a stroboscope. We have a small 5-V DC motor that powers the strobe disk. It works as expected, but, clearly, the motor makes the disk spin at a constant speed. Is there an easy, but effective and reliable way to control its speed...
  24. C

    Electric motor problem -- Power to accelerate a toy train

    For part (b), The solution is, However, if the acceleration was not constant during the 21 ms, then would the power required be larger? I believe the average power required would be larger because if the train started off at a lower speed and then speed up very rapidly towards the end...
  25. hugo_faurand

    Looking for advice on motors for a small windmill (for kids)

    Hello everyone ! I speak about energy to a fifth grade class. I want to build small windmills made of paper cup for the blades. The goal is to light a LED when the windmill is running. I was looking for a small motor to do the alternator. I found this one and I wanted to know if it could fit...
  26. Engineergn

    Snail Fan Motor High Current Issue

    We producing industrial steam boilers. We also produce snail fans for our boilers. The problem is our fan blades are a little bit heavy for our motors until blades get warm. "We can't use more powerfull motors cause of energy saving." We control our fan motors via drivers and our fan blades...
  27. E

    Better model for a hydraulic motor

    Hi all, We are doing some work with Eaton 760 series fixed displacement hydraulic motors and are looking for a better mathematical model for the torque output. Does anyone know a good place to look? Something that includes differential pressure and temperature would be ideal. Thanks Ed
  28. R

    Backyard Tow Rope Troubleshooting: Motor Binding Issues

    Hello - We are building a backyard tow rope for my course. All of the electrical components are working as designed; however, the pulley can't consitently grip the rope when only placed around the rim. When looped around 1.5 times the rope continually shifts underneath itself causing the motor...
  29. T

    Ideas welcome on how to attach 2 shafts of different diameters

    I have a motor and a 3 phase generator which I would like to connect together, i.e. let the motor drive the generator and measure it's output. Each have their own type of shaft which do not fit together. I would therefore like to get some proposals, preferably which do not require custom work at...
  30. SuperSneaky666

    Optimal Motor Power for DIY Cat Waste and Litter Device

    I am a beginner in Electronics and motors, and I want to build a DIY device that is like this I am just wondering how powerful is that motor that turns the globe in the device, which would hold the cat waste and litter. I am looking to get a powerful enough motor from Amazon.ca but just not...
  31. T

    Flow in and out of hydraulic motor

    Hey all, It is possible I am over complicating this, but is the flow in and out of a hydraulic motor with an electrical load the same? Assuming no losses. Scenario is a hydraulic piston (moving by some external force), driving a bi-directional hydraulic motor which itself is driving an electric...
  32. abdulbadii

    How to seat a motor shaft B taper connector correctly?

    Being so noob in taper connection, asking: How do we correctly seat a motor shaft connector of B taper system, most commonly B12, B16, B18, into its chuck mate in such that if there's no bolt fastening axially in center it's still quite viable and reliable ? it's just a press by a muscled hand...
  33. A

    Induction motor rotor design features

    I had to repair (change bearings) on a single phase induction motor recently and I recalled an age old question I've had. What are the rotor end ring blades made for ? The only reasonable answer I can come up with is - they are for cooling of the stator winding ends that extend out of the...
  34. H

    Calculating Load with Magnetometer for Synchronous Motor

    Looking for any insight on a formula that can be used to calculate the load using a magnetometer sensor for synchronous motor
  35. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Engineering Separately excited DC motor problem (Electrical Engineering)

    Hello, so for this question I know how to solve it but I still have a few questions. First when the question means it's rated at 20 HP and 600 V, it's referring to the source voltage and Pin correct? Also in order to solve this question, the rotation loss Prot was neglected. This was because at...
  36. Pipsqueakalchemist

    DC motors and Induction motor: What does "no load conditions" mean?

    TL;DR Summary: So I'm just confused when the question asks me to solve for the no load speed of DC motors and induction motors. Does no load condition mean that the output torque (Tout) is zero? This is what I was assuming so far for both DC and induction motor. Is no load condition the same...
  37. L

    Orbital shaker - DC servo or stepper motor

    Hi, I wish to build an orbital shaker (a bigger version of these examples: https://learn.adafruit.com/crickit-lab-shaker https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2983846 As my aim is that it will work continuously for months around 100rpm what is preferred in aspects of heat and weight on top of...
  38. theycallmevirgo

    Is My Blender Motor Viable for a Rotary Tool Shaft Mod?

    I got a new Ninja blender (model ss351) a few months back that was DOA. The manufacturer sent a replacement immediately, but I found a blog post on hackaday showing a simple mechanical mod that would enable me to use the motor to drive a flexible rotary tool shaft (Dremel etc). The attached...
  39. Yarno

    Friction between motor and flywheel

    For a model, I am making I need to know the friction between a motor and a flywheel. The electric motor is on the side of the flywheel and the idea is when this motor turns the flywheel will start to rotate due to the friction between them. I however can not find a good way to calculate this...
  40. hilbert2

    Medical Nootropics that improve motor reaction time

    Spearmint extract and lemon balm have an effect of making you faster in ball games and martial arts, not only improving mental cognition. https://www.nutritionaloutlook.com/view/nootropic-spearmint-extract-may-improve-reactive-agility-according-new-study The active compound in it seems to be...
  41. Nugatory

    Reversible electric motor - what am I looking at?

    I have a reversible electric motor that operates an automatic skylight, vintage 1985. I'm trying to figure out how it is supposed to work, but I don't recognize the rectangular gray components that are secured to the motor case with a length of plastic zip-tie. What might they be and how would...
  42. Martinz

    Power factor of motor with VSD?

    If I have a motor with a full load power factor of 0.8 and starting power factor of 0.3 and I install a VSD to run it with a datasheet power factor of 0.95, will the power factor during starting be 0.3 or 0.95? And at full load? Cheers!
  43. M

    I Motor driven pendulum - How to track its position?

    Hello, On the image below is a test pendelum for rock wool production. The pendelum is driven by two induction motors. When the right motor makes one revolution, the left motor makes two revolutions. The motors are positionally locked (example: when the right motor is at 35.3° the left motor is...
  44. S

    Is It Safe to Use a Cabbing Grinder Machine from India? Urgent Advice Needed

    Hello all I recently bought a cabbing grinder machine from India and now recognize that the motor(1/2hp 230v~) doesn't have any safety label or certificate whatsoever. I know close to nothing about motors or electricity and ask myself if it is safe to use the machine. To be honest I don't even...
  45. S

    Efficiency of a small electrical motor

    Hello All I've conducted an experiment to work out the efficiency of a small motor, and it comes out to be very low. Have I done my calculations correctly? I connected the motor to a gearbox (made from Meccano) and a winch and used it to lift a weight. I measured the DC voltage across the...
  46. W

    Electrical Turning a single phase motor into a generator

    Hi I’m a year 12 student and I’m trying to turn a washing machine motor into a generator. In my physics class we have only learned about AC generators using permanent magnets but the motor I’ve got doesn’t have any magnets and I believe that it is called an induction motor? Anyway I’m still...
  47. K

    Can a DC motor work without either a commutator or a controller?

    I am a mechanical engineer and my experience with electrical systems is almost nil. The concept of a simple DC motor explained here was quite interesting, especially the need of a commutator part: And then I checked this DIY simple DC motor here and was confused because there was no...
  48. SuperPat

    B How to Calculate Power and Torque for a 15kg Load at 15 RPM?

    Hi all I am Belgian and I have difficulty with english formulas. I'm trying to calculate the power and torque required of a motor to rotate a load. Here is the problem: I have a motor (axis up) on which is fixed a cylindrical load of 15Kg. The diameter of this load is 400mm Calculate the power...
  49. hi8192

    I getting my homemade DC motor to work (school project)

    hi everyone, i need to build a dc motor for my school project. I have used copper wire for the turns (60 turns), wood to build the structure of the armature and commutator. i have used neodymium magnets as my permanent magnets and paper clips as the brushes. I tried using a 9v battery with a...