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Kinda new to this stuff, is there anything that makes electrons more

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    more... susceptible to ionization?

    Basically so that less energy is required for ionization.
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    Not exactly sure what you mean, but the ionization energy depends on the electron configuration. It takes a lot more energy to add an electron to an atom whose valence shell is completely full than to add an electron to one whose valence shell has one open spot.

    So, for example, a Hydrogen atom (H) is very easy to ionize to an H-. That's why you almost never find hydrogen atoms alone; it's almost always found as H2 gas, because the valence shell is then full for both nuclei (protons)
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    Well, talking in the matter of classic ionization, where you put enough energy in to the electron that it leaves the shell.

    So as to that, then H2 gas would ionize easier than monoatomic hydrogen right?(removing an electron not adding)

    Are there any "catalysts" per say that help this reaction so that less energy will ionize the atoms?

    I was also reading about tunnel ionization, there wasnt much information on it though does anyone have a site that explains it more in depth?
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    I'm not aware of any "catalysts" for changing the ionization energy of an atom. Change the fine structure constant maybe? :)
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    Hm, yah im not to familiar(Still pretty new to all this) with that but reading up on it that kinda sounds what I was wondering about. Do you have any good information sites on this?

    How can you change the strength of the electromagnetic interaction?
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    I was being facetious. You can't.

    Ever see the Star Trek TNG episode where Q becomes human? When brainstorming on how to prevent a moon from crashing into the planet, Q said "Change the gravitational constant of the universe." Uh huh.
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    oh, haha gotcha.
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