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King Tut "Irreversibly Damaged" by Botched Repair

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    So long as everyone calms down and documents what did and did not happen, the provenance has NOT been affected. Lie, fib, and cover up, and posterity will have many rude things to say.
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    Nowhere else on the internet could offer so many insights and mindful reports like does PF. I'm lovin' it! Please keep us informed. :D (I'm so excited now). Thank you PF's top-notch, excellent scientists!
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    I actually saw the original King Tut exhibit in the 70's when I was a kid, in Los Angeles. It was really cool. These beautifully crafted sculptures many of which were made out of solid gold. I do remember that. Also, these kind of hybrid human-animal forms. Pretty trippy for a ten year old.
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    But King Tut is still dead, right?
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    And do you recall me telling you not to play with your yo-yo right there?
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    Anybody who has ever visited the chaotic mess that is the Cairo Museum will not be in any way surprised.
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    That's a great idea. Let's use epoxy on a relic that has a lot of cultural meaning across the world to save our butts because if they realize we broke it while cleaning we are done for. We are done for too if they realize we used epoxy, but by then we will be far away. Besides, they wanted to save money. They get what they pay. It's not our fault.

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