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Ladder chassis vs monocoque chassis

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    1. Do the terms 'ladder chassis' and 'box chassis' mean the same thing?

    I know that a monocoque chassis is different from a ladder chassis, because LandRovers and Jeep's have a ladder chassis structure with the body as a separate entity on top. Whereas a mid-size commercials have a monocoque structure with the body and chassis integrated as one.

    But, in this recent article, a man has converted a "monocoque chassis into a box chassis".http://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/nano-takes-a-new-avatar/article4782240.ece How is this even possible? considering that a ladder chassis/ box chassis is separate from the body.??

    Just as a FYI, a ladder chassis frame has very low torsional stiffness comparing to monocoques.
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    jack action

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    A ladder chassis is a platform on which you put an entire body, like this:


    A box chassis is a structure on which you add the body panels, like this:

    A monocoque chassis is a structure which incorporate the body panels (or at least some of them), like this:


    In the article you've mentioned, it says:

    By doing so, the original monocoque structure was completely altered. It is much easier to calculate, test and built a box chassis that will be put within the new shorten body, than to try to built a completely new monocoque chassis because monocoque chassis are usually done by using materials of different strength placed in strategic places (represented by the different shades of blue in the previous picture). This is often done in race cars that are re-inforced:

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    Ranger Mike

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    Jack..excellent...very helpful...:approve:
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    amazing visuals
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