What is Chassis: Definition and 33 Discussions

A chassis (US: , UK: ; plural chassis from French châssis [ʃɑsi]) is the load-bearing framework of an artificial object, which structurally supports the object in its construction and function. An example of a chassis is a vehicle frame, the underpart of a motor vehicle, on which the body is mounted; if the running gear such as wheels and transmission, and sometimes even the driver's seat, are included, then the assembly is described as a rolling chassis.

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  1. BigBambu 152-462 MHz

    Automotive chassis ground minus the chassis

    I’ve installed an inverter, 12v to 120vac. The inverter has a post meant for grounding to the vehicle chassis. No chassis or other ground is available in this application for the inverter to recognize. I’ve homebrewed what amounts to half of a large capacitor. There’s just one “plate”, with the...
  2. T

    Rotational Dynamics - Modeling brake caliper deceleration of a chassis

    I am a junior engineer tasked with modeling the dynamics of a small research UAV after landing. The UAV has 3 tires, 1 on the nose landing gear and 2 on the rear landing gear. The rear tires are equipped with disc brake calipers. My coworker has explained that the simplified model (MODEL 1...
  3. E

    What tests should I do for lightening an ev chassis

    Hi, I am an engineering student and for my project I have decided to try and improve the range of ev through chassis lightening, the main point I'm focusing on is using a carbon fibre material, so I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of tests I would need to do on Ansys or...
  4. Z

    How to calculate the stability and strength of a simple chassis?

    Dear community, I am an electrical engineer trying to make my hobby four seater car. Being not a mechanical guy I am really uncertain of the chassis design that I have concepted though with the help of a friend we got some basic simulation running. My concept is to use a standard rectangular...
  5. mastermechanic

    The cost of a carbon fiber car chassis

    Hello everyone! We're getting prepared to an electromobile car efficiency challange as a team. I'm going to take place in the chassis and exterior design team. I have lots of question but today I'm going to ask one of them. How much does it cost us to produce an ordinary car chassis? I'm...
  6. William123

    Grounding a plastic chassis

    Hello The Chinese were kind enough to send me a "music mixer" (XH-M164) and apparently these sell for about 8-11 dollars so I thought I might as well build something cool with it. I found an amplifier aliexpress (http://bit.ly/2nTD8VX) and the recommended transformer for that is a 32v 200VA...
  7. E

    Effects of engine torque on engine to chassis mountings

    I'm currently working on a design for a go-kart-like vehicle which involves some calculations. The engine used is a motorcycle engine and it is mounted to the main chassis via steel rods. I would like to know how the engine torque (i have an estimated value of ~45Nm) will cause stress and...
  8. Planobilly

    Effect of EMF in a wire as opposed to a metal chassis?

    Hi, Consider a wire with a pulsating DC current next to another wire. The expanding and contraction magnetic field induces a current into the second wire. Consider the same but in the second case we have a metal chassis. I assume the same magnetic field is inducing a current into the chassis...
  9. R

    Is Chromoly the Ultimate Material for Racing Car Chassis?

    I am in search for journal articles/papers regarding the use of chromoly (41xx) or HSS tubes in racing car chassis (space-frame) for a literature review. I wasn't able to find any papers up till now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. R

    Chromoly (41xx) tubes used in chassis

    I am in search for journal articlise/papers regarding the use of chromoly (41xx) tubes in racing car chassis. I wasn't able to find any papers up till now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. C

    How Does a Wheel Mechanically Propel a Car's Chassis?

    I understand the basis behind the idea that a rotating wheel driven by an engine will generate torque and the static friction of the ground will push opposite to its direction forcing the tire to go forward. However, I can't seem to understand how the wheel can drag the chassis with it. Does the...
  12. CorvetteAB

    Chassis material selection, lighter grades of MS

    Hey folks, My team currently uses mild steel aisi 1018 for their car chassis. While it is OK, we are looking for lighter alternatives. Problem is that we have to use mild steel ONLY. So I was wondering if any of you could give me a good alternative for 1018 that is lighter, has greater...
  13. G

    Design a Go Kart - Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

    Hi, i am a student of bachelors of mechanical engg. (2nd year). I want to build a go cart. But i don't know the basics. I don't know a thing about automobiles. I am learning the catia software for designing. But i don't know what kind of "calculations for go cart" must be required to design the...
  14. the dr.

    Automotive What's the deal with sprint car chassis and Jacobs ladders?

    I haven't posted here in forever, BUT I gained lots of valuable knowledge a couple years ago from some ofthe guys here gaining us our 5th and 6th track championships, now after stepping out of racing for a while I am coming back, and looking at sprint cars and the setup of these cars, I have...
  15. car_door

    Designing a Spaceframe Chassis: What Forces Should You Consider?

    I have about 60 12' lengths of 1.5" by 1.5" square steel tubing, and I would like to create a car chassis with it. The design I have come up with so far has a transverse rear mounted engine, and a central seating position with 3 seats behind the driver (1+3). I have posted some pictures of my...
  16. G

    Grounding of power line filter to Faraday cage chassis?

    Hello. I've uploaded similar question before but I think it is time to make this clear. I've seen the attached one during reading of grounding. In the picture, the body of the power line filter (or ground of the filter) is connected to inner surface of Faraday cage and signal ground is...
  17. A

    Handbook of automotive powertrain and chassis design

    Dears, I'm looking for a book named: "Handbook of automotive powertrain and chassis design" by John Fenton & coudn't find it , any help please.
  18. H

    Material selection for chassis

    I am working on a project for which we have to design a Light weight tricycle. I want to know the procedure for selecting a light weight material for the chassis, which has good stiffness, economically available and good weld ability. We also have no constraints on the cross section of the pipes...
  19. S

    What are some methods for calculating point positions in a geometric chassis?

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the position of the points from a struture like the picture attached. This is a mechanic structure that consist on 3 triangles (blue, orange and green), i know all the triangles sides lengths and also their angles (and some more colored in green). My objective is...
  20. L

    Metal chassis resistor power dissipation

    I need some information on power dissipation of metal chassis resistors. I have 47 ohm, 50W resistors. (digikey part #A102169-ND) I hooked them up to 24V. So current flowing is about 0.51A But the resistors get too damn hot to touch(48-55 deg C, just after a few mins(~5mins). The power...
  21. marellasunny

    Ladder chassis vs monocoque chassis

    1. Do the terms 'ladder chassis' and 'box chassis' mean the same thing? I know that a monocoque chassis is different from a ladder chassis, because LandRovers and Jeep's have a ladder chassis structure with the body as a separate entity on top. Whereas a mid-size commercials have a monocoque...
  22. M

    Automotive Metal Composition of Motorcycle Chassis

    Hello guys, I wonder and would like to know what kind of metal to made a motorcycle chassis such as Yamaha YZF-R1 and Yamaha Raptor 700R? Is it solid or hollow? Is it cast or extrude? Thank you MyMachine
  23. C

    Auto/Motor Feasibility of a carbon fiber chassis (DIY car design)

    Hey everybody, a couple years ago, I came across the top gear video for the Arial atom: a ~1000 lbs road legal 'go-cart' with a supercharged I-4 engine with a power to weight ratio of 600HP/Ton. Even though the body is already light, I would love too (once I get the time and resources) build...
  24. M

    Finding the Pivot Point of a Chassis: Need Help!

    I am having some real trouble with this, could anybody help, attached is a picture of a chassis with some weights on etc, i need to find out where the pivot point would be. i can't move any of the objects around, does anybody know how to do it?
  25. W

    Calculating forces on a Moncoque chassis

    Hi There, This is my first post but hopefully you can help me, Im a 2nd Year Motorsport Engineering student, I've been set the task of doing a short presentation on how you calculate the forces acting on a car chassis, with some example calculations. My classmate and myself have backed...
  26. F

    Understanding Chassis Ground in Car Electrical Systems

    I was just wondering about chassis ground in the context of a cars electrical system. If the return path back to the battery is through the metal chassis of the car, then what stops you from receiving a shock when you touch the car chassis ? Thanks.
  27. J

    Chassis Design 3g bump applied diagonally

    Ok well to many this is going to seem like a really stupid question I am sure :/ I need to calculate Maximum Torsion in a chassis, to start with i want to look at collisions or rough terrain; Assumed 3g bump applied diagonally Assumed bump 150mm high Overall factor applied 1.5...
  28. J

    Chassis Stress & Strain Calculations

    Hi Guys, So I am biting off more than I can chew with my latest project.. and looking for help. I am going to fabricate a kit car chassis, The suggested material is 1' x 1' steel box section but why? Could anybody help by suggesting the kind of calculations I would have to research...
  29. G

    Designing Lightweight Wheels for a 200 kg Car Chassis

    Now, i am looking for something to get me started with designing wheels for a car. What i want is to make light-weight wheels strong enough to hold around about 200 kg weight. (4-wheels). To give you an idea of what i am looking for, in designing a chassis, we want the frame to be able to...
  30. G

    Getting Started with Vehicle Chassis Design

    Hi, I am looking for bearing in chassis design of vehicles...what i want to know is how do i proceed with chassis design? As in, where do i start, what do i do next? and next? Just need an outline, coz i do have some books i am trying to get started on... thanks in advance
  31. D

    FSAE Chassis Design, Need Direction

    Hey our school is having problems starting an FSAE team, so we want to start designing already so we can start building once all legal issues are sorted at the university. I am a mechanical engineer undergrad who is nearing the completion of thermodynamics II, solid mechanics, and material...
  32. G

    Chassis Dynos: Measuring Shaft Torque/Power

    Can anyone explain me what kind of chassis dynos are used to measure shaft torque/power and how they do it. BTW... Things I allready known; I know that inertia brake dynos use a solid disc flywheel of a constant mass and radius and by meassuring time and flwheel speed (rpm), we can...
  33. W

    Design Car Chassis: Forces & Positioning

    Hi, Well i have a project of designig a car chassis ad i really needed help on the different forces that act on the chassis during operation and their position on the chassis. If anybody could help me please.