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Lambda contibutes to bending (says Wolfgang Rindler)

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    The Contribution of the Cosmological Constant to the Relativistic Bending of Light Revisited
    Wolfgang Rindler, Mustapha Ishak (The University of Texas at Dallas)
    5 pages, 2 figures
    (Submitted on 19 Sep 2007)

    "We study the effect of the cosmological constant Lambda on the bending of light by a concentrated spherically symmetric mass. Contrarily to previous claims, we show that when the Schwarzschild-de Sitter geometry is taken into account, Lambda does indeed contribute to the bending."
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    Very interesting article. Another example why vacuum space is "something", not nothing.
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    Here's another data point in the "vacuum is something" discussion:

    By my calculation, the mass/energy of the "empty" vaccum in the observable universe, expressed in Kg, is 2.31e+54. That's about 2 1/2 times the combined mass/energy of all matter and radiation in the observable universe, which weighs in at a mere 8.53e+53 Kg. That ratio will grow rapidly in the vacuum's favor in the future.

    Sadly, perhaps it's more accurate to say that space is everything and matter/radiation are nothing... But viva la difference!
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