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Large groups of teens hanging out in downtown areas of cities

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    I'm a homeless transient. One constant I've noticed is that around the downtown area in all medium sized ( population 100,000 + ) cities or larger, there are large groups of teenagers that hang around at night, goofing off and shooting the bull for hours. Don't they have any work to do? Don't they have anything better to do?

    Another phenomenon I've noticed is large groups of old men who shoot the bull all morning at fast food restaurants. I know that most of them are retired, living off pensions so they have a lot of free time, but don't they have anything better to do?

    What is the purpose of this?
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    It's called "socializing".
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    Don't they have anything better to do?
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    Like what?
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    Since they don't get laid, they stand about complaining to each other they can't find a girl to lay with. And drink some beer to comfort themselves with.
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    Dont you have anything better to do?
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    Lol I was about to write that.
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    If the teens lived in the country, they would hang out in the field and have bonfires. Teens, no matter where they live, simply like to hang with their peers.
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    I thought teens in the country hopped into their pick-up trucks and hung out at the local convenience store/gas station. Never mind that the store closed at 9:00 PM, it's still the place to hang out.

    When you pull into a gas station full of pick-up trucks, you'd surely think the gas station was actually open. And they don't even tell you the gas station is closed until after you can't get the pump to work!

    Shouldn't they all be out cow tipping or something?
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    Would that be the teens or the old men .. or both? :biggrin:
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    I don't think that's it. Most of the groups of teenagers that I've seen are comprised of a fair number of fertile-looking girls. Many of the guys in these groups have their girlfriends with them.

    The groups of old people who hang out at McDonalds are almost exclusively men though.
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    Yes; I primarily use the computer in order to discuss the Civil War with other Civil War buffs at another website. I can't do that with teenagers downtown.
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    Well you don't know whether or not they are Civil War buffs. You'd be surprised. But I wouldn't approach them to try to find out. You'd probably get arrested...

    But are they bothering your or anything?

    Oh, by the way, how is discussing the Civil War any better than discussing anything else?
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    Hmm. Why is that "better"? You know someone could easily question you on why your discussing the Civil War on the internet. Don't you have anything better to do, like socializing with people in person?

    Someone could easily question me on why I post on this forum. Don't I have anything more important to be doing, like actual physics research instead of just talking about it here?

    Remember it's not always about utility. Its about enjoyment sometimes. Who are to say that other people can't do something they find enjoyable as long as its legal. Last time I checked meeting for the annoying teenagers block party or the Old man and the McDonald's "Remember the Old Days" club was not illegal.

    Its not that they don't have anything better to do. It's that they probably enjoy meeting and talking to their friends in a public place. Maybe their definition of a "good thing to do" is different than yours.

    You enjoy discussing the Civil War on the web. They enjoy meeting people in a public place and having conversations about whatever interests them. I think you should just leave it at that.
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