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Layperson who promises to try to not be annoying

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    I'm a (secular) homeschooling mom who has very inquisitive and advanced level kiddos, so we are here to look up answers to their more challenging questions. I am also deeply interested in physics and study on my own (was told to just stop taking math and science by my high school - I "had enough to graduate so why bother" - and never had a chance to learn more.) We enjoy going down rabbit holes, following endless trails of questions.
    Will be mostly reading and exploring the site, and not asking annoying questions on the threads - promise :)
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    Annoying questions are definitely welcome! Sometimes they're the only way to learn. I hope you learn a lot here!
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    Welcome to the forum. How many kids? How old.

    Questions are welcome here, not annoying.
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    Thanks! Two kids, almost 8 and freshly 10. Both doing 5th grade curriculum - but we go way beyond that when the great questions start :) We found this page because they wanted to know what forces keep the liquid in a straw when you hold your finger over one end. (Then why the graphite on a pencil won't just keep shrinking when you write on a line that the pencil already made. Then what it is about heat and motion that makes atoms move apart.)
    Sometimes we study history and other stuff, too ;-)
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    Sometimes certain people can phind certain questions annoying, unfortunately :wink:

    (just kidding!)

    How nice! I've been homeschooled, too, and it's awesome. I hope your kids become very interested in science and math . . . :smile:
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    Thanks! They are already and that's why I need to be here :) Sometimes they ask me something and I just sit there with my mouth open. Glad you liked your homeschool experience!
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    Scott C.

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    Isn't a shame that in this place a person of such obvious good intention feels the need to declare her status as a secular homeschooler in order to avoid knee jerk prejudice.

    Go get'em Schoolmarm!
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    Those are great questions your kids are asking! You must be doing something right! I wish I would have been allowed to be home schooled , but apparently it wasn't an option. So the teachers just took my books away from me so that I wouldn't get ahead of the rest of the class. My mother was definitely qualified to home school me.\

    Oh well. I survived and did well, and it sounds like your kids will be way ahead of other kids when it comes time for college.

    Just a hint, when you are asking a question posed by one of your children, state that in the post so that people understand, not many people read feedback.
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    That's a shame Evo. I can empathize somewhat because my kids had similar problems. My son, for example, was once told that he should not read a particular book outside class because "then what would he read next year?" VERY frustrating and my wife had to restrain me from getting violent with the "teacher".
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    No words ... :headbang:

    Welcome @Ninapdoula .
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    Thanks for the advice!
    And yes, school can be a hard place for those who don't fit neatly in the middle, and I am sorry that happened to you. I have friends who are working hard to change the system, but I just can't imagine, with the way it's currently set up, that it would even be possible for teachers to really support gifted kids (too many in the classroom, teaching to the tests, etc.) Anyway, lots of parents are finding alternatives when they can (there are over 400 homeschooling families in my city, and we have a nice little group of friends, including some who go to school and jet over here at 3.) I am lucky we could figure out how to pull them 5 years ago, and it's been fascinating and wonderful (most of the time :wink:) since.
    Glad to hear you are doing well!
    Again, thanks for the welcome, and for the encouragement!
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