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Learning a language fairly fast (Fortran)

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    I'm going to be using Fortran for research this summer (three weeks) and the one problem is I don't know Fortran. Obviously, I know I can't learn everything in three weeks but I assume it is possible to get a strong base. I already have a textbook on Fortran by Etter but possibly there are some good online resources that could be recommended. As someone who has never learned any language, I was wondering if there are any general tips (or specific tips for fortran).

    Thanks (hopefully you haven't answer this question too many times :) ).
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    Thanks JesseC, I'll definitely use that link. I just realized the book my teacher gave me is on Fortran 77. Is there that big of a difference between versions when (I assume) I won't be using any of the advanced features?
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    Wow... Fortran 77 is old! I'm not entirely sure on compatibility issues since I've never used F77, however, there are a lot of new things in F90 that are not in F77 and which obviously won't work. Still if you're not using any of the new features, I believe F90 is largely backward compatible. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is working for F77 ;).
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    Could anyone else offer any insight on F77 vs. F95. It seems as if everything from 77 carries over to 95 if I would make the switch later I just want to be sure. Thanks :smile: .
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