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Legal status of persons without a birth certificate

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    What is the legal status of persons without a birth certificate and any kind of ID ?
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    You mean it doesn't exist or you simply don't have a copy on hand?
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    The papers dont exist. There isnt any record of their birth, and have absolutely no papers. And at least in my country, there are quite a lot of them.
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    What country? That is greatly relevant.
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    In Eastern Europe. I was asking more about the people in America, cause apparently the people in my country who arent registered at birth and have no papers, they arent citizens of this country.
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    http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/information/secondary-evidence.html [Broken]
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    Ok, but I'm asking about the legal status before they present any kind of evidence, that is if they have evidence or want to present evidence.
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    Theoretically unchanged. Your rights (in theory) are not derived from having paperwork done properly, but from being a citizen. Of course to prove that you are citizen...

    For all practical reasons, this answer is country specific.
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    I think in the U.S., at this time, a person who was born here but had no documentation of it would be an extreme rarity.
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    I thought you were asking about people who had no birth certificate or any kind of I.D. So, actually all you wanted to know was the legal status of people who live here but aren't citizens.
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