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Levitation is a well documented phenomenon

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    Levitation is a well documented phenomenon, in fact ancient yogic texts (Hatha Yoga pradipka, yoga sutras, etc) as well as modern ones (Science of pranayama by HH Sri Swami Sivananda) claim it to be a siddhi (psychic power) which one can aquire. Even the christian faith has had its own levitating saints, namely St. Joseph.

    Of course, due to the Einsteinian veiw of the universe which clouds the minds of scientists and commonfolk alike, this phenomenon is invariably labeled as a hoax. This is thought to defy gravity, but if you were to know how gravity truly worked, you would know that yogis levitate because of gravity.

    This would require an almost complete overhaul of orthodox physics, which would be a long and difficult task. Actually, one man has done this, named Joseph H Cater. He has written an exhaustive treatise named "The Awesome Life Force" This book introduces Soft Particle Physics, which explains all phenomenon, from the occult, to the metaphysical, to the all too commonly overlooked happenings in the scientific realm.

    Here are a few statements made by Cater that disagree with popular science:
    Gravity is an electromagnetic wave
    Gravity has limited penetration
    Gravity pulls posotively charged matter in the opposite direction of propogation, and pushes negatively charged matter away
    Gravity is is just below the infrared spectrum

    If you have the resources, try experimenting with an oscillator and prove me right. (or wrong!)

    I can not go into length about the whys of these claims, doing so would require pages of explainations and illustrations. I can, however, answer any of your specific questions to the best of my ability.
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    Levitation is done by saturating your body with a negative charge, which causes gravity to repel your body.

    You can also make yourself extremely heavy by doing just the opposite, which is also considered a siddhi
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    Your buddy Carter sounds like hes full of crap: and that should keep him anchored down for quite some time.
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    :rofl: Nice one dont.
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    I watched a yogi levitate once. Up and down, up and down, gravity rapidly aiding his levitation.

    I thought he was going to hurt himself. :biggrin:
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    If gravity does not discriminate, what is the cause of this?
    (Please refrain from naming a phenomenon and thereby conlcluding it has been explained)
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    I prefer a more direct approach

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    Images of levitation
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    Yay for Youtube! Now I know how David Blaine levitates.

    After Googling those image file names, this doesn't lend much confidence in what I've found, H.
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    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6616406655978150142&q=levitation&total=6669&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 [Broken]

    Your doing it peter, your doing it!!!
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    I have a healthy respect for those guys. Those tricks are hard to perform & the showmanship is even harder.
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    that's the guy from mind freak right? I'm related to people that are obsessed with that show. They gobble it up!
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    H8, what the hell are you doing haunting a physics site? You should be on The Comedy Channel.

    Guys, I love those owl posters! Gonna have to get me some of those.
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    By the bye, H8, the term is undocumented. Better get yourself a dictionary.
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    This thread provided me and others I know with a day full of laughter.
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    Cyrus, dude, give it a rest man. Jeez... do you get off on taking the piss outta people? So the guy may be talking bout something that's slightly out there, but your responses arent much better.
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    This can be achieved quite easily with photoshop.. :rolleyes: (for example)

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    I think cyrus's response is the reason the thread is open :rofl:

    slightly? This claim is as whacko as you can get.

    It's a classic whacko, actually. For example, notice the inconsistency here,

    I think it scores 89 points in the index.

    Even pulls off the old fermat trick
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