What is Phenomenon: Definition and 218 Discussions

A phenomenon (Greek: φαινόμενον, romanized: phainómenon, lit. 'thing appearing to view'; plural phenomena) is an observable fact or event. The term came into its modern philosophical usage through Immanuel Kant, who contrasted it with the noumenon, which cannot be directly observed. Kant was heavily influenced by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in this part of his philosophy, in which phenomenon and noumenon serve as interrelated technical terms. Far predating this, the ancient Greek Pyrrhonist philosopher Sextus Empiricus also used phenomenon and noumenon as interrelated technical terms.

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  1. A

    I Is Brownian motion a purely classical phenomenon or is it also quantm?

    A water molecule is as tiny as 0.3 Angstrom. I would expect that quantum effects play a role. I'm wondering if its Brownian motion in a fluid is determined only by classical thermodynamics or if its collisional processes must take into account also quantum scatterings or other effects like...
  2. bob012345

    I Interesting Optical Phenomenon

    The lines have a slight purplish hue to them (at least reflected from leaves) and are about 2 feet apart. Here are images of the lines and the sun through the tree.
  3. M

    I Investigating a 3D Color Hue Phenomenon with Blender and Just Color Picker

    I have been doing some 3D computer graphics modelling and I have observed a phenomenon I cannot find anything about. I am using Blender (free 3D program). I am also using "Just Color Picker" which is a free Windows tool that let's you check the hue/saturation/value (HSV) for any color on your...
  4. A

    B What is the underlying phenomenon of waves?

    Heat diffusion is caused by randomly moving particles. So there is a connection between the diffusion equation and the statistical motion of particles. Is there something similar for waves?
  5. hagopbul

    Mysterious Reaction to Small Magnet: Investigating an Unexplained Phenomenon

    Hello All : Good day : i found a small magnet and it reacted strangely with my body , the magnet is 5 mm in diameter , and less than 4 mm thickness , i rob it few times on my left hand vain it stuck , which i do not understand why ! i checked on other people about 3 one of them had the same...
  6. F

    B A request regarding Newton's beads/chain fountain phenomenon

    I am wondering if any of the scientists here with access to the necessary equipment would be willing to demonstrate this phenomenon under vacuum. A chamber of appropriate height or rigging the beads to a drill(as shown in some variations of the experiment) should suffice. My reason for this...
  7. T

    I Do you have an example of a truly random phenomenon?

    I tried to think of a truly random phenomena thatis not related to quantum physics, and i can't. Let's take heads or tails as an example, if you had all of the data about the throwing of the coin you could tell on which side it will land. So does anyone know a random phenomena?
  8. H

    Exploring the Physics Behind a Phenomenon: C is the Answer

    -mg*sinθ*d =(1/12 * m^2* 1^2 + ma^2) θ" (since θ is very very small, sin θ = θ) θ" + [ga/ (1/12 + a^2)] θ =0 T (period) = 2π / ω ω (0.1m) = 9.8 * 0.1 / (1/12+0.1^1) = 10.5 ω (0.2m) = 9.8 * 0.2 / (1/12+0.2^1) = 15.9 ω (0.3m) = 9.8 * 0.3 / (1/12+0.3^1) = 17.0 ω (0.4m) = 9.8 * 0.4 / (1/12+0.4^1)...
  9. A

    Can a supernatural phenomenon by definition exist?

    Or would any apparent supernatural phenomenon ultimately be boiled down to natural laws that we just don't understand yet? By definition, a supernatural phenomenon doesn't obey natural laws, or a certain subset of natural laws. Like say for instance, we observer a large star orbiting a small...
  10. Nantes

    What causes this curious light phenomenon? (video inside)

    Here is the video: What is the physical explanation to why I see the light make patterns strikingly similar to magnetic lines on that spinning electric fan, depending on how I move the point of view? (the phenomenon happens equally to the naked eye and to the camera).
  11. TempleSweeper

    A Exploring Symmetry Breaking Phenomenon in a Physical System

    In some experiments of a complex physical mathematical system, we found some symmetry phenomenon, very similar as symmetry breaking phenomenon, say, as translatable sysmmetry etc. These symmetry (breaking) phenomenon occurs in most of the parts of the system or some parts of the system. Can you...
  12. Buzz Bloom

    What Causes the Audio and Video to be Out of Sync on MSNBC Programs?

    The odd phenomenon only occurs on programs from MSNBC. The audio and video are annoyingly not in sync. The video lags the audio with variable lag times estimated between 200 ms and 600 ms. The following is some technical information about the television and the attached combination tuner-VCR...
  13. mike2020

    Strange optical phenomenon: lighting a candle in front of a TV screen

    I observed a strange optical phenomenon when lighting a candle in front of a tv screen, in the dark (attached picture). There seems to be two lines forming an 'X' figure with a colored pattern (of diffraction, I suppose). I think it must be related to the material structure of the TV screen...
  14. M

    What’s a good name for a phenomenon where time moves differently?

    I’m trying to come up with a term to describe how time moves slower or faster in different places of a galaxy. I’m trying to explain how in Star Wars, things seem to move differently for different characters in separate locations. I’m trying to argue that Han limping to Bespin took “longer” than...
  15. Ayrflyer

    Need help trying to mimic a phenomenon associated with air pressure

    Good day everyone, Hope all is well. Bare with me as I am beginner in the field of understanding air pressure. But could really use help with a certain phenomena that I have been observing with an experiment I have had success with. I am then attempting to build an apparatus that mimics its...
  16. A

    Mystery Voltage: Investigating a Strange Phenomenon in MHD Testing

    So something weird just happened along the way in my experiment, here is a little background of what I'm doing. I have created a roughly 3x5mm inner diameter rectangular shaped channel for MHD liquid testing for one other project of mine, it's a simple conduction type MHD pump where the...
  17. M

    Stargazing Mysterious Phenomenon Seen in the Night Sky

    There is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, so I was looking up at the sky, and saw something that at first I thought could be one, but it moved too slowly, so I watched as it danced in a zig zag across the sky, as high as a star, appearing as a star, yet floating slowly enough through the...
  18. B

    I Are dark matter and dark energy caused by same phenomenon?

    After watching a two-part program Everything/Nothing, a thought occurred to me when the discussion turned to particles popping in and out of 'empty' space. Could these particles be numerous enough in the vast space between stars to be responsible for the gravity holding stars together in...
  19. YoungPhysicist

    B A strange phenomenon occuring when viewing the moon through window screens

    I found an strange phenomenon while observing the moon. When the moon is seen through the window screens, strange light lines will appear: Half open screen: Closed screen: Why is this happening? I saw similar things on street lights, car headlights, etc through screens.
  20. yangshi

    Phenomenon for lip motor boating?

    Randomly popped in my mind when trying to design microvalves and no idea where to post this... Lip motorboating is when you exhale with your mouth closed, causing your lips to flap like a horse and make a fart sound. My question is not what causes the sound but what causes the lip vibration. Any...
  21. N

    I Is there such a phenomenon as "micro-frame drag"

    It doesn't seem likely given that electrons in copper wire move even faster and i can't find anything on electric circuits creating frame drag. I don't expect anyone to tell me why there is no micro-frame drag . Likely the question itself contains some false assumptions. And thanks for your...
  22. D

    Gibbs phenomenon caused by digital signal processing?

    Hi, I'm an electrical engineer for a few years now, but it's been a while since I had to deal with this kind of stuff, I turned out to become mostly a programmer in the end, but i was thinking: is Gibbs phenomenon, which was demonstrated to me during my studies while working on Fourier series...
  23. M

    I Spacetime as emergent quantum phenomenon

    Published in the peer reviewed Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics is the intriguing paper with the following abstract: https://file.scirp.org/Html/11-1721242_88041.htm "Entanglement and the tunnel effect phenomena have been repeatedly observed and are generically accepted under...
  24. F

    B Quantum entanglement phenomenon

    Hi there, Question from a biologist with very poor background in physics, but willing to understand quantum physics. I think quantum entanglement shocks everyone, even if it has been proven right. I would love to know if there is any hypothesis or crazy theory out there to explain why or how...
  25. Q

    Wikipedia phenomenon: converging topics to philosophy

    There's a phenomenon over at Wikipedia. Namely, all or most (?) topics converge to "philosophy". Is there a name or some kind of coherent explanation for this phenomenon? Is it just simply the case that most branches of science originated from philosophy, and this is apparent in how Wikipedia...
  26. Rahulx084

    Transport Phenomenon: Drag Coefficient & Friction Factor

    My book states that when a flow around object is considered, Non dimensional momentum flux is defined as the drag coefficient In case of flow through tubes it states The non dimensional momentum flux is defined as the friction factor What do these statements mean? What do they practically...
  27. K

    I Neutrino Mass: Exploring the Oscillation Phenomenon

    Why is there an assumption that if neutrinos didn't have mass they would move at the speed of light? and how does the fact they oscillate prove they have mass?
  28. Supernova00

    How can this thermodynamic phenomenon be explained

    Hi there. Earlier today I decided to pull out ice cream from the freezer. It is a magnum-type ice-cream and comes in a plastic wrapper. Once I opened the wrapper and removed the ice cream, I left the wrapper on the kitchen table and noticed something rather bizzarre (to me at least)...
  29. Boltzman Oscillation

    Is there any phenomenon capable of replacing light?

    This matter would be able to do everything that light does.
  30. Fig Neutron

    What caused the strange water leakage from a sealed jug?

    I wasn't quite sure what to call this thread or where to put it. I left a one gallon jug of water sitting in the kitchen floor. When I came back maybe 4 or 5 hours later there was a pool of water around the jug. I looked at the jug and found water slowly streaming out of the top. The jug was...
  31. SemM

    A How does one "design" a PDE from a physical phenomenon?

    Hi, I have read some on the PDEs for fluids, and particularly for rogue waves, where for instance the extended Dysthe equation and the NLSE look rather intimidating: Take for instance the Non-linear Schrödinger eqn: \begin{equation} \frac{\partial^2 u}{dx^2}-i\frac{\partial d...
  32. T

    Are paranormal phenomenon really untrue

    I myself, am a strong skeptic of paranormal claims. I have read from the Wikipedia that a lot experiments supporting paranormal phenomenon are untrue and that the paranormal does not meet acceptable scientific standards. However, there is a ton of articles on the internet supporting the...
  33. F

    News Looking for a name for a natural phenomenon

    There are many cyclical phenomena occurring in a nature which have a similar pattern, such as: Farting, Yawning : (Slow buildup of gas over time and then sudden discharge of the gas) earthquake Slow capacitor charging and then sudden discharge Monjolo (Water powered hammer) : Sectarion...
  34. A

    Unknown light-based Phenomenon

    Can you help me figure out how this light-based phenomenon works? Please explain with an intuitive answer using the simplest principles possible. Note how the location and width of the dark horizontal bands is constant with respect to the edge of the video frame. The LED light looks normal...
  35. D

    How to explain the phenomenon of optical rotation of chiral?

    I am Professor of Inorganic Chemistry of the State University of Southwest of Bahia - UESB. I have a PhD from UFMG in Natural Product Chemistry. I use the polarimeter in my experiments and would like to understand what happens on a micro scale (chiral molecules) to provide the phenomenon of...
  36. Anshul23

    Light in a cup (Can you explain this phenomenon?)

    Can anyone explain the behavior of light I came across as I sat in my lounge this evening having a nice cup of Mocha . Hint ( I am sitting in a room with some led ceiling lights on) can you: 1.Guess how many Led lights I have on 2.Explain the appearance of light which is looking like a typical...
  37. W

    B Are vertical lines from squinting a Quantum phenomenon?

    When looking at a night light with almost closed eyes, I notice that the light becomes a vertical line. When tilting my head 90 degrees, the line becomes horizontal. Can this be explained by Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle? This question has been asked in another thread : "Squinting at...
  38. jim mcnamara

    Steve - an aurora related phenomenon

    When people find something they have never seen and do not understand they give it a name. It makes them feel like they know something, even when there really is little understanding. So somebody somewhere suggested a name for something several people reported seeing and photographing. It...
  39. A

    Mirror phenomenon — Concentric halos around eyes in a foggy bathroom

    Follow up a former thread, about concentric halo`s around the eyes, in a foggy bathroom mirror. I made an example picture of what was observed. But i don't know what causes the phenomena
  40. john101

    The Mysterious Phenomenon of Knotting a String Around a Rod

    Hi. I've been searching for some description of the following. Something that will explain it and perhaps even some maths about it. Take a rod or a stick and tie a string around its middle. Hang it so the string is unwound, still. Start turning the rod so the string twists around. Keep...
  41. EdColider

    Mathematical model of a phenomenon

    I want to know how can I begin to exercise the representation of a phenomenon in a mathematical model.
  42. steveJOBS

    B Is there an opposite phenomenon for time dilation ?

    Can there be a phenomenon that has the opposite effect as that of time dilation ?
  43. Chris Frisella

    EM Phenomenon: Magnetism from a Cathode Ray?

    I have recently studied about relativity being the reason for magnetism. The example given was about a magnetic field generated from current down a long wire. When two such wires with current in the same direction were parallel to each other there was an attractive force between them because...
  44. D

    What is causing the strange light phenomenon in my bedroom?

    Hi ladies and gents! I'm new to the physics community and completely useless in the subject area, however I am extremely interested in physics. After turning off the television just now I noticed something odd. There is a big mirror behind the bed, and the television is on the wall in front...
  45. Tazerfish

    Strange Optical Phenomenon (diffraction or something else?)

    First of all i will post a picture of it ... you can find it ... somewhere sorry this is my first post :I I photographed our television with the flash on in order to recreate a strange patter i saw when looking at the suns reflection in the screen.(with my eyes it's not just the camera) You can...
  46. A

    Mysterious Ice Cube Tray Phenomenon

    I'm sure this is a totally amateur question, but today I got one of those big ice cube trays for 2x2x2 inch cubes. I filled it up and put it in my freezer, and about 6 hours later checked on it but the water was not frozen at all. Not even a crust on top. I put my finger in one of the squares...
  47. Parveen

    How electrons show wave phenomenon within an atom?

    what is wave and how electrons show wave phenomenon within an atom. like in Px or Py or Pz orbital how electrons interchanged from one dumble to another?
  48. Parveen

    How electrons show wave phenomenon within an atom?

    what is wave and how electrons show wave phenomenon within an atom. like in Px or Py or Pz orbital how electrons interchanged from one dumble to another?
  49. H

    List of Quantum phenomenon effects

    Hello everyone, sorry to bother you. I was just looking around for a list of all the Quantum phenomenon effects and couldn't find one quickly. I know two of them such as tunnelling and locking but the rest of the ones I've heard of I can't remember. Also there may be ones I don't know about...
  50. A

    Exploring Physics: Faster-than-Light Phenomenon

    Hello i love physics and would love to learn more about it. I stumbeld upon a wikipedia page called faster then the speed of light https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faster-than-light And if you look at 3.1 it seems to be prooven Could someone with knowledge of the topic explain this to me and...