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Life in the Wreck patrol

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    So, they have a hard time getting supplies to the marines and the marines have to supplement their diet by catching fish. They go out fishing twice a day, in fact.

    This raises the question: what are the rats and cockroaches eating?
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    It looks likes the cockroaches are eating the ship (mold, slime and god knows what else in the interior) then the rats eat the roaches and the roaches eat the dead rats. I'm sure the diet is high in iron in the food chain. The poor guys look like castaways looking for a rescue.

    This dispute is mainly over sea lanes and possible large oil fields that nobody has found yet but everybody wants a piece of in case it is found.
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    A very remote, insecure military outpost.

    If they had a small science team aboard, there'd be nothing to prevent it from becoming the first scene in a horror novel.
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    I heard cockroaches love to eat glue. So they don't even need real food.

    Although, I'm not sure how long they can live on glue.
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    Release the Kraken:
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    Old style glue made from horse hooves was probably quite tasty.
    Young kids like white pasty glue I have heard, so why wouldn't cockroaches.
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