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  1. José Ricardo

    Other hypothetical types of life

    is there any sci-fi that would rerate a life based on ammonia or silicon or any other type of life?
  2. N

    Which ideas do you think are intriguing?

    Looking in the mirror I just got a glimpse at the definition of a limit(Calculus) plus the beginning of calculus (Derivates & Integrals) then comes the usual goosebumps followed by a smile. And you? Which ideas are interesting for you to share?
  3. ISamson

    Is water really necessary for life?

    You know how they always say that without water there would not be life, right? Astronomers also look for life on planets with hints of water in their spectrum. But is water really necessary for life? Some ET life could not be a tiny bit similar to ours and might not even need water or water...
  4. F

    Life on other planets, are we looking at the wrong planets?

    Scientists are looking for earth like planets/bodies to find life on other planets/bodies, somewhere that is warm enough that liquid water can exist, and somewhere with basic organic molecules. Here's where I have a concern, in the 4 billion years of earths life, to our knowledge life had only...
  5. I

    Different amino acids in different life forms?

    Hello, Are the 20 amino acids that are usually referenced when building genetically coded proteins in all of life, and no other amino acids or are these only in humans and animals? I found the sentence below on this website and I wasn't sure what to make of it, is it true that there are...
  6. frostysh

    How to destroy a Planet, or 100% of the life forms on it

    I know, this question probably have asked many times, but I unable to post in that closed threads, so... We have a Planet, (let's say of size of the Earth, and that have a population of the Intelligent Creature - IC, on level of evolution and progress something near a mankind current level, so...
  7. I

    Are there elements that are never found in life?

    Hello, Are there elements that are never found in life forms? Or can some find themselves in life, but perhaps very unlikely?
  8. A

    Dreaming to become a scientist (physicist), can I?

    Hello, my name is Andraž, I am from Slovenia(east neighbor of Italy, and southern neighbor of Austria for those of you who don't know) and I am very determined to be a physicist. I am 18 years old and as a student of the fourth year of high school, I am about to apply for the university...
  9. T

    Engineering Transferable skills and the industries for engineers?

    Hello everyone, I want to give some brief background info about myself before asking; I am a junior/senior undergraduate living in Southern California studying mechanical engineering, and leaning towards the thermo/fluids side of mechanical engineering. However, when it comes to "my true...
  10. cookiemonster13

    Oxygen formation in Earth water

    I always wondered why they say water and photons created the first microbes which later evolved and produced oxygen which filled our oceans and atmosphere. So how could have water existed without oxygen? I tried to look up and came up with different explanations, but it doesn't make sense.
  11. P

    I State of the Universe if we increase/decrease the binding energy of deuterium

    [Sorry for the vague title, had a limit.] I have a question given in my Astronomy class: Below is a list of possible ways in which the universe could have been different. Some of these changes would make life as we know it impossible in our universe. Tick the boxes next to all the changes that...
  12. L

    Computations Using Playing Cards

    EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITY OF PERFORMING COMPUTATIONS WITH PLAYING CARDS I was listening to an interview with John Conway yesterday and the conversation turned to his "Game of Life". Conway mentioned that Life can be configured in such a way that it can perform arbitrary computations. This got...
  13. Derek Francis

    What's the best way to spend one's 20s?

    I'm 24. I've spent time in university, thinking that I was behind everyone else and I was missing out on having a life. I also spent time out of university and now I know that I wasn't missing anything. I now realize that the most important than I can spend my 20's doing is building a career...
  14. zawy

    A Moon reduces Earth's entropy?

    Spontaneous negative entropy reactions can occur when the internal energy decrease is greater than the negative dS*T. dG=dU-dST is spontaneous if dG is negative. The moon is receiving at least 1E8 J/s from the loss of rotational energy from the Earth's water and air. A lot more rotational...
  15. Stephanus

    Carbon based life

    Dear PF Forum, I have questions about carbon based life and molecule back bone. Is it true that all life on earth are carbon based? If it is true, why? Is it because carbon is halfway in periodic table? 4 valence? What about Silicon, Tin and Germanium? They have 4 valence, why life is not based...
  16. michaelklachko

    Non atomic life forms

    I'd like to understand if non-atomic life forms are possible. For example, purely electrical ones. I'm not talking about those electron eating bacterias, they are still made out of atoms. Is there a possibility to form a stable structure out of electrons, or photons? Not necessarily in a vacuum...