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Linear alignment conveyor design

  1. Jul 28, 2014 #1
    I have a tub randomly filled with light longitudinal parts like pencils or matches. My goal is to gather them into a buffer nicely aligned (independently of which end is facing side). What's the fastest way to achieve this?

    I have considered unconventional bowl feeder with substantial radius conveying part radially from the filled drum, what do you think?

    Also, linear feeder with a grooved vibro-plate but that still brings misaligned stacked parts. Is it solvable by stepping down the conveyor and putting up vertical constraints? Even then, how do I proceed to stack everything neatly?

    Any way to evaluate this theoretically?
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    Consider a sheet conveyor belt hanging in a catenary loop. As the belt advances, items dropped onto the belt will slide diagonally until they become aligned and roll. If the belt is then stopped they will be in a bundle.

    By arranging a similar wide belt with a slight slope down the valley, the elongated objects will align and roll, then gradually feed to the low end of the valley where they can be gathered and bundled.
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    I'm not a native English user so I want to clarify this for myself. Is this the mechanism you had in mind?


    Reversing direction of conveyor the already aligned pieces would roll down to the B section or did you have any other idea?
    Also, what would be the width of such buffer? My guess is the length of a single piece but would the whole bunch of them orient? How should I evaluate the structure. Thanks for the answers!
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