What is Design: Definition and 1000 Discussions

A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product or process. The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design. In some cases, the direct construction of an object without an explicit prior plan (such as in craftwork, some engineering, coding, and graphic design) may also be considered to be a design activity. The design usually has to satisfy certain goals and constraints, may take into account aesthetic, functional, economic, or socio-political considerations, and is expected to interact with a certain environment. Major examples of designs include architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns.The person who produces a design is called a designer, which is a term generally used for people who work professionally in one of the various design areas—usually specifying which area is being dealt with (such as a fashion designer, product designer, web designer or interior designer), but also others such as architects and engineers. A designer's sequence of activities is called a design process, possibly using design methods. The process of creating a design can be brief (a quick sketch) or lengthy and complicated, involving considerable research, negotiation, reflection, modeling, interactive adjustment and re-design.

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  1. Benjamin Calloway

    Mechanical Design Engineer in Kentucky :)

    Hello! Thanks for being a welcoming community and an informative resource. I'm an engineering consultant in Kentucky, specializing in mechanical design and space tech. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2022, though I wasn't a huge fan of their program. I'm glad to be out :) I still...
  2. rampantschess

    Circuit design using switches puzzle

    TL;DR Summary: I am trying to design a circuit using juat a power source, 3 switches (1,2,3) and 3 Resistors (a,b,c) and wires. i want to design the circuit so it satisfies 4 conditions. the first being if all switches are on, the 3 resistors have current flowing in parallel, second, if only...
  3. ubnt

    Machine design (flange coupling design) a simple question

    Our source book is shiegly if somone answer i hope he give me yhe source of his infortmation
  4. P

    How should this Beam Loading experiment be designed?

    The question and my attempt at a solution are attached. Thanks.
  5. H

    Unusual design of a free-flow hydropower station

    I wanted to discuss the unusual design of a high-power hydraulic turbine. I'll start with this excerpt from the article. The article is in Serbian, so only an autotranslation. Has anyone seen formula #6 in any hydrodynamics textbooks? [Full image copy of journal article deleted by the Mentors...
  6. berkeman

    Unusual Engineering Gadgets: Test Your Intuition and Share Your Pics!

    I saw this on Facebook today, and thought it might be a fun general thread for Engineering to post pics of things that made you stop and think about what they were designed for. I had to click into the FB post to see if my intuition was right on this one. Thoughts on this one? Do you have...
  7. The Bill

    Engineering EE resources for audio hardware design?

    My Google-fu has been failing me on this. I'm looking for a good variety of online resources and textbooks on the design of audio equipment. The level I'm looking for would be for upper-level undergraduate or intro graduate level electrical engineering. Topics must include how to best isolate...
  8. T

    How to design an overexpanded nozzle

    Suppose there is a steady source of compressed air/gas at 5 barA pressure, and that will be released through an overexpanded convergent-divergent nozzle. I want to know how to design such a nozzle and what would be the parameters for that. And also what would be the minimum pressure at the exit?
  9. O

    I Uncovering the Forces on Drum Lugs: An Engineering Design Exploration

    I am currently designing an alternative to normal acoustic drum lugs and I need to find the forces that are felt by the tuning rods of a drum for the engineering background to my design. I have been able to use the 2D wave equation assuming uniform tension on the membrane and found values of the...
  10. N

    Misc. Bernoulli effect on new vent design

    First off don't quit reading if you understand basic Bernoulli effect. I am nowhere close to the caliber of minds on this forum but I have a problem and lack understanding that science may help answer. Preface: Temperature extremes are stressing wildlife populations. I happen to be an advocate...
  11. IdBdan

    What is the best beam design for my aluminum tandem axle trailer?

    I'm building an aluminum tandem axle (7k total capacity) trailer. Boat (18'/1300#) on the rear and a Ryker Can Am 3 wheel (750#) on the front. It's a 23'-6" x 6'-8" bed. Max live load will be approx 2250#. 900# frame weight. 230# axles. I'm testing beam sizes with online calculators and need...
  12. O

    How to design a barrel cam to improve torque?

    Hallo Could someone suggest me how to design a barrel cam (for example like in the butterfly valve actuator) to improve the initial torque generated by the movement ?
  13. C

    Looking for ways of joining metal and plastic

    i have a plastic handle and want to join it with a metal body. i can join it with heat stacking method i have find a product who done done that. is there any other way to join permenently?
  14. yucheng

    Engineering EE Design Calcs: Mastery Expected? Textbook Examples?

    Looking through the Art of Electronics, I barely see any equations, mostly description. However, checking out this video, we get a whole page of calculations. Are the authors of AoE expecting that practitioners are already fluent in these design calculations? Are there examples of such...
  15. AhmedAB

    I am trying to design an axial turbine for my project

    TL;DR Summary: I have a problem designing an axial turbine, there is a lot I don't understand hey, how are you all doing, I am a chemical engineering student working on designing a geothermal power plant, weirdly I have been told that I must design an n-pentane turbine for our Plant, it's so...
  16. uSee2

    Experimental Design: Pulley and Mass Hangers

    ^ This is my personal drawing of the diagram, I couldn't take a picture of the actual one. The setup is a pulley wrapped with a cord and mass hangers attached to each end. My first thought when approaching this problem was to first determine the rotational inertia of the pulley, then use some...
  17. Astronuc

    Modern US locomotive design and operation

    Locomotives are a complex combination of mechanical and electrical systems. The video shows different parts of a locomotive and their function. A standard mainline freight locomotive develops 4400 hp (3.24 MW) with some developing up to 6000 hp (4.47 MW). The previous standard from the late...
  18. A

    Induction motor rotor design features

    I had to repair (change bearings) on a single phase induction motor recently and I recalled an age old question I've had. What are the rotor end ring blades made for ? The only reasonable answer I can come up with is - they are for cooling of the stator winding ends that extend out of the...
  19. Strato Incendus

    The interior design of the central trunk of a ring spaceship

    For all the attention we‘ve paid to ring habitats, we haven’t talked that much about the interior design of the central trunk yet, around which the rings rotate. Just having one big hollow ship trunk, about 100 metre in diameter, would be a lot of wasted space. It would also be too easy for...
  20. Al-Layth

    How do Engineers Calculate the Dimensions of their Design Ideas?

    You have a design problem statement, which gives you numerical specifications for performance, spatial constraints etc, and you have finally come up with some mechanism ideas you synthesised into a machine concept. You’ve sketched your design’s parts and the final assembly. So: How do you now...
  21. Al-Layth

    Mechanism Ideas for: Rotary Action-input Pump?

    I'm trying to come up with a design for a handheld pump that will be used to suck diesel from a car's fuel tank. There's definitely going to be a pipe dipping into the fuel tank, and there's definitely going to be a human manually operating the pump. I'm trying to think of a mechanism that...
  22. K

    NodeMCU Design With ESP32 Instead of ESP8266

    Hi, In the current project I'm working on, I want to develop a NodeMCU module using ESP32 rather than ESP826. The most recent module in this series is AS ESP32. In order to use it, the layout must be the same as the NodeMCU V3 module's. So, if possible, could someone help me out with the...
  23. ergospherical

    What's the Best Database Technology for a Frequently Updated Online Shop?

    I'm making an online shop and want to retrieve the inventory from a database to display on the website. I've done some database work with php and phpmyadmin before, except the database was already set up when I took over that project - and I don't remember much/at all about the project...
  24. S

    Exploring Inductor Design for Audio Applications

    Hi, I am experimenting with a design for an inductor for audio applications, and am using a high permiability toroid (12,000) having a closed trifilar winding. In this instance , it is 39T x 3 twisted wires connected in series being 117 turns in total, giving approx 180mH inductance. In...
  25. shivajikobardan

    MHB Redundant network design and how it affects subnetting?

    Considering these factors, propose a redundant network design architecture in hierarchical form for a bank having four departments namely HR(20 pcs), marketing(20 pcs), finance(45 pcs), IT (30 pcs). Each department has managed its own DHCP server. IT department has managed FTP server, HTTP...
  26. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Network design -- numerical problem asked in our exams

    Provide IT infrastructure details for a government school with 4 departments including ISP department which are around 500 meters apart from each other. Three departments have 5 labs each with around 24 computers in each room. ISP contains server farm with server like DNS, DHCP, E-mail, FTP and...
  27. A

    Design Tool for Compression Testing of Small Samples

    Hello all, I am looking for some design ideas. I need to do some compression testing and here is my testing platens: The platens are small (5mm*5 mm) and my samples are even smaller with the cross section of 3mm*2.4mm, so it would be difficult to both position them within the platens and align...
  28. halibut

    I Lost Aspheric Lens Design Equation Found

    Hi all, I was interested in ideal shapes for lenses and Google popped up this very old thread: "Mathematical shape for a lens with no spherical aberration"A member named Redbelly98 replied (<link>) with a now-broken link to a Thorlabs page that gave an aspheric lens equation. Took a minute...
  29. berkeman

    Tired of Bad UIs: Design Guidelines to the Rescue?

    I program basic button-type UIs for my manufacturing test programs, so I'm not expert in desiging popular program UIs. But I get so annoyed each day dealing with software interfaces to various web UIs that it's getting really bad. I need to vent a bit, but more importantly, are there UI design...
  30. theycallmevirgo

    Any favorite books on propeller/impeller design?

    Quite a few options on Amazon but I wanted to ask around before I bought anything. Bonus points for anything using modern FEA packages. Thanks so much in advance Joe
  31. PhysicsTest

    Designing a 24-100V to 12V Buck Converter Circuit

    I need to design a Buck converter circuit with the following requirements 24-100V (2 - 10 Amps) to 12V (20 Amps) Output. From the net i could get the below circuit. First major question is, do i need to interface a micro controller to achieve the functionality to drive the MOSFET? I am...
  32. brainbaby

    Converting RTL design of computer architecture into REAL Hardware

    Hi guys, 1. Most of the design textbooks which I have seen on computer architecture put stress ONLY till the RTL design of computer architecture. But the story of computer system design goes much beyond the RTL description(i.e how RTL design is converted into actual hardware) 2. We begin from...
  33. Euan12345

    How Do You Calculate Spring Properties for Effective Landing Gear Design?

    Summary:: I am making a landing gear mechanism, and am struggling to mathematically model it, the aim is to find the required properties for the spring for it to work. Hi can you help me with a problem, I am making a landing gear mechanism and am struggling to model it mathematically. The aim...
  34. A

    Chemical plant design and construction

    Got some good resources on Chemical plant design and construction. A Chemical plant design and construction. B Chemical plant design and construction.
  35. shivajikobardan

    Difference between trademark and design right?

    Homework Statement:: trademark vs design right-: engineering professional practice Relevant Equations:: none https://www.copyrightuser.org/faqs/question-20/#:~:text=A%20Trade%20Mark%20protects%20logos,or%20part%20of%20an%20object. both sound quite similar. What's the difference?
  36. greg_rack

    Rocket Design: Egg-Safe Landing Plan

    DISCLAIMER: I am not entirely sure whether I should open this thread here or in #general, but I will try! :') Hi guys, I am a freshman in aerospace engineering and i have taken part into a competition consisting in engineering a rocket so that it reacher 1km altitude and manages to touch back...
  37. E

    New type of rocket propulsion design, and why it might not work?

    Hi, *Excuse the crude visualization and possibly imprecise description - I'm not a rocket scientist :) So, I have a friend that has come up with a "new" concept for a rocket propulsion design, and although I have a hunch that it might not work better than existing designs I cannot really...
  38. theycallmevirgo

    Simple(?) parabolic dish design question

    I want to use this to design a parabolic (optical) mirror; The problem is that in my application I need both D and f to be a parameter, but I need to specify f only as a perpendicular distance from D. In other words, I need to specify some f_2=f-d, and calculate d. I can't seem to come up with...
  39. hackerbot4545

    Studying Successful Study Strategies for Machine Design and Shigley's ME Design Book

    People who have passed Machine Design course & followed Shigley's mechanical engineering design book how did you study for exams? Please provide some study strategies that have worked well for you. So I have Machine Design course for this semester & I find it really tough.Our professor is...
  40. DaveC426913

    How can I effectively display different types of worker coverage on a map?

    OK, I'm stuck on a problem implementing this map. (It'll be built in HTML with JavaScript and CSS and is interactive but that's just context - this is really about map-colouring.) The function of the map is to help users see at-a-glance what regions/counties of the province are serviced by...
  41. F

    Boat Lift Design: Building 8'x12' Platform

    Building a 8' x 12' platform that will hold a small boat next to my dock. The platform needs to be able to be lowered below the surface of the water (launch boat) and lift above the water (store boat). Four pilings (one each corner) that each have an electric motor & reduction gearbox that has...
  42. jonagad

    Engineering Trying to design Wind Turbine Blades

    Hello, I'm trying to follow the instructions from the book "Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines"-Martin O.L. Hansen, to design a blade, the method it's the BEM accounting for the tip loss (Prandtl) and Glauert corrections, but I can't get it right, for the Cl (lift coefficient) and Cd (drag...
  43. A

    Circuit Design Help: Progress & Resources

    My progress so far: https://www.multisim.com/content/NV8Ndn6gdNtxbJFroJ8FFN/atempt2/open/
  44. person123

    Constraint Programming(ish) For Engineering Design

    I've been working on a tool in a browser for engineering (particularly civil engineering) design. By design, I just mean finding values (maybe the cross-section or material of a beam) which satisfies constraints. You would define constraints, possibly have something to minimize or maximize (like...
  45. theycallmevirgo

    Hexapod Leg Design: Optimizing a 3D Printed Femur Assembly

    The below is a leg assembly from the Antdroid open source hexapod robot (https://github.com/antdroid-hexapod/antdroid). The "femur" assembly connects the servos at S1 and S2. It is comprised of two side plates connected by cylindrical struts. Being fundamentally lazy, I prefer to redesign this...
  46. Shreya

    Design a combination of Capacitors

    My attempt was this: The textbook answer was: Is my approach wrong?
  47. P

    Engineering Practical design of an inverting Schmitt trigger with noise tolerance

    This is regarding the positive feedback of an Op-Amp and the inverting Schmitt trigger. This is a typical inverting Schmitt trigger - I need to design the Schmitt trigger such that I have a threshold voltage of around 2V, when my ##+-V_{CC} = 8V##. The slew rate of the Op-Amp allows for a...
  48. theycallmevirgo

    Maximizing Output Power in DIY CNC Laser Cutters

    I was thinking of an improvement to the "traditional" diy cnc laser cutter that might entail some extra travel for the laser and/or additional (stationary) mirrors. Is there some way to calculate how this will affect output power? Many thanks in advance Joe
  49. P

    Engineering Alternative design for a CE-CC cascade amplifier

    Here is a common CE-CC cascade amplifier- Here, the output of the emitter amplifier is directly connected to Q2, without any coupling capacitor or any voltage divider bias. This may harm the base-emitter junction of Q2 in case of unwanted output voltage from Q1 collector. But in that case, the...