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Linearity of boolean expressions

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    given an sop form of a multi variable boolean expression, how to judge if it is linear or not?
    is (x or y) linear?
    more generally, can a function be linear with an and in sop form?
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    Algebraic linearity is for multiplication wrt addition.

    What operations are you testing for linearity?

    Once those are specified, and verified for linearity, then you can test your functions.
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    my funtions will have only OR, AND and NOT operators.. written in the SOP form.
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    How do you define "linear" in this context?
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    yes, this was my question. How do we define linearity when we are dealing with a sum of product representation of multivariable boolean expressions.
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    I don't know. As far as I know, "linear" is not defined in this context. But I don't know evereything. How did this question come up?
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