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Lion fish decimate tropical fish and coral reefs

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    It will be a sad day when we poison the oceans.
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    Since the global temperatures are increasingly reluctant to obey to the CO2 alarmism, it can be expected that the emphasis will be shifting to other effects of the anthropogenic CO2 injections, the oceans for instance but the coral bleaching is rather ambigeous, for instance: too much fishing.

    But there is also the acidification issue but:

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    This is impossible. Nothing bad happens in nature, unless man is directly responsible. It's like when Haliburton killed the dinosaurs for petrolium then covered it up with an asteroid. Or all the times the logging industry has removed the trees (and surrounding underbrush) from california and covered it up with the stories of wildfires. Someday we will find the true cause of this and it will be the evils of mankind.
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    And so is the founding axiom of much of today's environmentalism.
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