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Liquid ice cream tastes pretty good

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    I discovered this by accident and decided to duly inform the scientific community. Same great taste without the hassle (or the cold); it's faster & easier to consume (e.g. during the commute), so the question is, why isn't it marketed widely?
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    Surely if its not frozen its technically not 'ice' cream.
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    If manufacturing (or marketing) was my thing I would sell it as "nice cream."
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    Well, there are a few similar products; frappuccino for one.

    As the temperature increases you would reduce the sugar content to balance the sweetness. How the taste buds pick up signals is a function of temperature, I've heard.

    Here's something on it, though it hardly needs support.
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7100291" [Broken]
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    ummmm, isn't liquid ice cream the same as a milkshake?
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    Liquid ice cream is sold all over, however it's perishable so it's typically sold frozen to increase its shelf life. An alarming amount of people seem to forget to defrost it.
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    I do not care for melted ice cream; it's kind of hard to keep it from dripping out of the bottom of the cone. But if you really love the stuff, places that sell soft ice cream get it in liquid form to pour into those machines that freeze and whip it.
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