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List of Stars and Objects equating Names

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    I am trying to create a list of stars.

    I need a comprehensive comparison between:

    FK5#s, HD#s and BD#s
    NGC#s, IC#s and Proper Names (like Eagle Nebula)

    Here is a reference from FK5#s, HD#s and BD#s:


    What I am interested in is Proper Motion.
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    This is a complicated question. Every catalogue uses its own numbers.

    Some catalogues contain cross-identifications with other catalogues. But there isn't anywhere that gives all of them.

    if you look up an object on Simbad (http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad/sim-fid) it will give a list of other identifiers for the object.

    if you can say which stars you are interested in I may be able to give some pointers.
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    I am looking for a list or a database equating the above items especially equating SAO# with Constellation and alpha-beta-gamma designation.
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