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This list of tallest buildings includes skyscrapers with continuously occupiable floors and a height of at least 350 m. Non-building structures, such as towers, are not included in this list (see list of tallest buildings and structures).

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  1. E

    Seach to Generate List of Threads

    Is there a way to search(filter) such that just a list of all threads I participated in is generated ( somehow ordered) as opposed to every post made in every thread ordered by date that I'm missing? Like an "all content by", but with multiple post in threads collapsed under a single thread banner.
  2. N

    I Is there a list of root-power quantities? Or a rule of thumb?

    Hello, I am working with calculating decibels, and there is one equation when using quantities of power and another equation when using root-power quantities (which essentially just converts them to a power ratio and places them into the first equation). I know that common quantities of power...
  3. L

    Finding the terminal velocity of a model rocket from a list of velocities

    Ok, i have some rocket data from a 20,000 foot launch. I have the times, altitudes, and velocity at said time. Is it possible to find the terminal velocity from this long list of numbers? I tried graphing the velocities to see where the curve flattens out, since usually that is where terminal...
  4. Leo Liu

    Mathematica [Mathematica] How to use for loop to process a list of data

    Hi. I am writing a program in Mathematica that reads a xsl file from excel, then processes it by solving an equation, and lastly turns the processed data into a list for exporting. Context: Finding the maximum speed of a model plane at different altitudes (density). Screenshots of the code and...
  5. S

    Mathematica Select[ list, condition] with a parameter in the condition

    This works: a=0.4 Select[ list, #[[2]] > a-0.025 && #[[2]] < a+0.025 & ] {{401803.,0.42485,3.33299,0.776904,0.277985},{402066.,0.40333,9.23462,0.381478,0.397121},{402872.,0.41899,3.47237,0.742789,0.27385}} But why doesn't this work? :- Select[ list, #[[2]] > b - 0.025 && #[[2]] < b +...
  6. Al-Layth

    I Comprehensive List of Mechanics Formulations

    beyond 1.) the Newtonian formulation 2.) The lagrangian formulation 3.) The Hamiltonian formulation What other formulations are there
  7. alk10

    A Determining if a list of numbers is a result of multiplication

    Suppose I have 2 collections of lists. In the first collection the lists consists of random integers, with most (but not all) in the range 0-1000. In the second collection the lists consist of integers calculated in the following way: a. start with a random integer of similar range to the...
  8. dlgoff

    Unsuccessful at Being on the FTC's No-Call List

    Being on the FTCs no call list doesn't seem to make any difference for me. I get calls all the time from people wanting me to buy something. :oldgrumpy:
  9. R

    Comp Sci Unfamiliar Compilation Errors In a Linked List Class (C++)

    Hi all. I'm working on my final project for a class. The assignment is to have a linked list of personal records, and then do some things with it. Right now I'm working on the linked list class "List.h". I've implemented a Person class "Person.h" as a composition of 3 subclasses "Address.h"...
  10. M

    Import python list from .txt file into Mathematica

    Hi PF! I am trying to import k.txt file into Mathematica as a list of numbers. The k.txt looks like this: [5.315967917338153e-06, -3.204321972222162e-08, 3.6041782425371564e-09, -3.853442465663655e-08, 8.699510604529962e-07, -1.4284341965847237e-08, 2.855341882658808e-09...
  11. M

    Python How can we iteratively create sublists from a list based on a sum threshold?

    Hello PF! Initializing with an empty list [], how would we perform the operations [[1]] and then [[1,2]] then [[1,2,3]] then [[1,2,3],[2]] then [[1,2,3], [2,4]] then [[1,2,3],[2,4],[1]] and so on. I'm trying to do this iteratively, so within a for-loop. Basically, given a list of numbers...
  12. Andrew1235

    Finding all subsets of a list of positive integers using backtracking

    The following Python 3 code is provided as the solution to this problem (https://leetcode.com/problems/subsets/solution/) that asks to find all subsets of a list of integers. For example, for the list below the output is [[], [1], [1, 2], [1, 2, 3], [1, 3], [2], [2, 3], [3]]. I am not familiar...
  13. shivajikobardan

    Python - Confused in list comprehension

    I want to find difference between two list. I came across sth called list comprehension. I can't tell you how confused I am with this. # Python 3 code to demonstrate # to remove elements present in other list # using list comprehension # initializing list1 list1 = [1, 3, 4, 6, 7] #...
  14. shivajikobardan

    Python-Confused in list comprehension-:

    I want to find difference between two list. I came across sth called list comprehension. I can't tell you how confused I am with this. # Python 3 code to demonstrate # to remove elements present in other list # using list comprehension # initializing list1 list1 = [1, 3, 4, 6, 7] #...
  15. Tianluo_Qi

    Quantum Reading list recommendation for HEP-ph to HEP-th/math-ph transition

    One sentence summarization For a student initially working on a more phenomenological side of the high energy physics study, what is the recommendation of introductory reading materials for them to dive into a more mathematically rigorous study of the quantum field theory. Elaboration...
  16. nervousring

    Other Book list for a person with lots of interest in Physics?

    I'm sorry if you get this question often. I wish there was a definitive list at the top of Google searches but there wasn't. I want to learn physics from textbooks. I know basics of Trigonometry. I went through a third of Kline's calculus and found it doable and enjoyable. I also tried Spivak...
  17. ergospherical

    Heavy Construction Equipment Tier List

    7. Fruehauf Super Dump The super dump has a load-bearing axle rated at as high as 13,000 pounds. The large distance between the first and last axles is in fact the maximum allowed under the federal bridge formula. Developed by Strong Industries, the super dump is renowned for its high payload...
  18. max-hanrahan

    Programs List of terminal master's programs?

    Hello! I'm a rising senior in undergrad, and grad school's on my mind. I want to get a better feel for research but don't want to fully commit to a PhD, and so one of my professors recommend I look into grad programs with terminal master's degrees—that is, schools that offer a physics master's...
  19. W

    Python: Are Terms in this List Monotonic?

    Given a list [ a,b,c,..., z] in Python, write a program to determine if the terms are monotonic or not. I can do either , and combine theminto a long, clunky program, but trying to see if I can find a succint way of doing both. I have heard that using ' Nums' may do it,but it seems too...
  20. T

    B Request for an up to date list of cosmological theories

    Is there an up to date list of all cosmological theories resource which provides some or preferably all of the following information: Which theories are considered speculative and even highly speculative? (degree 1 to 4) Which theories are still actively being worked on and roughly how many...
  21. Demystifier

    Mentalist: How did Red John know the Jane's list?

    This thread is only for fans of the TV series "The Mentalist". (It's a bit old, but I am watching it now.) One of the main unrevealed questions in the TV series is how did Red John know the Jane's list of 7 suspects? By googling I have found a lot of theories, but neither seemed very...
  22. sahilmm15

    Other List some valuable online resources

    In my previous post I asked about some science documentaries to which I got some really fantastic recommendations. Also @jedishrfu listed a very helpful website mathispower4u.com. It covered each and every important concept till high school level and the basics were also quite helpful. So, what...
  23. B

    Programs Help with Physics REU List for Sophomore Female Student

    Hi all, Whoever's reading this, I hope you are well! I'm applying to 12 different physics REUs for the summer and only recently became aware of how competitive they were. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with my current REU list– is the list too unrealistic? Are there other...
  24. Mayhem

    I Show that a given list spans V

    Using the definition of the span, we obtain $$\mathrm{span}\left(v_1,v_2,v_3,v_4\right) = \left \{ a_1v_1 + a_2v_2 + a_3v_3 + a_4v_4 : a_1, a_2, a_3, a_4 \in \mathbb{F}\right \}$$ Suppose $$\mathrm{span}\left ( v_1-v_2,v_2-v_3,v_3-v_4,v_4 \right ) = \left \{a_1(v_1-v_2) + a_2(v_2-v_3) +...
  25. J

    List of H20 breakdown substances

    When salt is added to water, the water H20 molecule breaks apart. If you add apple juice to water, does it also happen? I'd like to see list of all substances that when added to water can break apart the H20 molecules and manner of breakup. Which of them is like salt added to water? Thank you.
  26. A

    MHB What Are the Elements of (Z4×Z12)/<2,1>?

    List all elements of \[ (Z_4\times Z_{12})/<2,1> \]
  27. Robin04

    List all pairs of permutations with repetition with the given conditions

    Let us consider two sequences: $$n_k \in \Omega,\,k=1,2,...K,$$ $$m_k \in \Omega,\,k=1,2,...K,$$ where $$\Omega:=\{n\in\mathbb{N}|\,n\leq K\}.$$ Let us define $$\sigma_n:=\sum_{k=1}^K k\, n_k,\,\sigma_m:=\sum_{k=1}^K k\,m_k$$ The task is to find all possible ##(n_k,\,m_k)## pairs such that...
  28. S

    I Where is a list of Lehmer Pairs of zeros of zeta(s) ?

    Many sources (e.g. Wolfram Mathworld ) give the example of the 6709th and 6710th zeros of ##\zeta## i.e. where the imaginary parts of the argument are 7005.06266... and 7005.10056... respectively. Where can we find a list of all known pairs? I tried searching "6709, 6710" on OEIS but that...
  29. V

    Comp Sci Creating a new list from two other lists

    list3=[] for i in range (len(list1)): list3.append(list1[i]) list3.append(list1[i]=!list2[i]) I was just wondering if I am on the right track with this question. I also am confused as to how to incorporate the prime number condition into my code. Thank you, any help is appreciated.
  30. S

    Mathematica Mathematica: DiscretePlot type plot with x values from a list

    I would like vertical lines with dots at the top of them, with the x-positions and heights coming from {{1.2, 3.5}, {2.3, 4.2}, {5.5, 6.7}} for example.
  31. L

    Where can I find a long list of clearly solved trig integral problems?

    Homework Statement:: I need to develop my instincts on when to use u-sub, integration-by-parts, trig substitution, etc. But, I need to read/see tons of problems actually being solved with these techniques to know which technique to apply quickly. Relevant Equations:: Sorry for the vague...
  32. J

    Comp Sci Twitter API finding the most common word in a tweet

    So in the class TJTwitter, I have the following defined: private Twitter twitter; private PrintStream consolePrint; private List<Status> statuses; private List<String> terms; private String popularWord; private int frequencyMax; and in the same class, I have a few methods that are meant to...
  33. P

    Admissions Comments on my Physics grad school list?

    Hello everyone! I'm an international student applying for Ph.D programs for fall 2020 (mostly Astronomy, specifically Cosmology; but some are in Neutrino Physics). My qualifications: Undergrad institution: US univ ranked 100+ by US News with very good neutrino Physics program Cumulative GPA...
  34. H

    Other How do I find the list of individual LIGO participants?

    This link https://www.ligo.org/about.php and this link https://my.ligo.org/census.php show me the list of participating universities in LIGO. I am currently doing research under a professor at my university who is a member of LIGO. Neither of the above links lists the names of the individual...
  35. K

    How can I multiply elements in nested lists in Python and print the new list?

    I have a list containing several lists with two elements each. I want to multiply the last element in the inner lists with a number x, and then print the new list. How do I do this?
  36. Feynstein100

    Classical What Are the Best Introductory Textbooks for a Self-Studying Physics Enthusiast?

    I'm a layperson who loves physics. Unfortunately studying it in a university is not an option for me right now. So I've decided to study it myself. My knowledge so far is upto high school physics. I do know some special relativity but mostly in a conceptual manner, not a rigorous mathematical...
  37. AutGuy98

    MHB List all the subgroups H of C_(12)

    Hey guys, Sorry that it's been a decent amount of time since my last posting on here. Just want to say upfront that I am extremely appreciative of all the support that you all have given me over my last three or four posts. Words cannot express it and I am more than grateful for it all. But, in...
  38. S

    I List of unstable and unknown hexaquarks

    One hexaquark is stable and well known. All the others must decay weakly. But of all the other possible hexaquarks, how many are bound, how many are unbound to strong interaction but decay by elastic collision, how many undergo exothermic quark exchange and how many are unknown?
  39. T

    Python Converting List and tuples using str() function

    I am currently working my way through some w3schools python exercise on tuples and lists etc and one question was to write a program to converted a tuple to a string. Now originally I used the str() function on the tuple and printed the result. I then used the string in a for loop for a...
  40. Wrichik Basu

    Python List index out of range (works fine for list size < 25)

    I have a program where I am supposed to find out the pressure, given the ideal gas equation with Van der Waal's correction, $$\left(p - \frac{a}{v^2}\right)\left(v - b\right) \ = \ Rt$$I have to take a constant value for ##t## (user input), and ##v## will range from 1 to 20 in steps of 0.01. ##a...
  41. Manasan3010

    Abbreviation of 1D03 in physics class list

    What is the abbreviation and meaning of terms like 1D03 and 1E03 in physics context? Reference Url - 1
  42. Creedence

    I Exact Stationary Spacetimes: Complete List of Discovered Solutions

    Hi! Is there a complete list of exact stationary solution of the Einstein field equation? I started to solve it for an interesting electrovacuum case. I'd like to check my results. I have found Thomas Müller's catalog of spacetimes and Hans Stephani's Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field...
  43. M

    Need an exhaustive list of Vibration-Diagnostic Rules

    I am a free-lance Software developer. Recently, I got a big project in my very 2nd assignment where I need to develop a Vibration Analysis Software for condition monitoring of some heavy motors. One of the "Terms & Conditions" of the project is that there must be at least 200 pre-definded...
  44. Z

    Java Can't Traverse a Doubly Linked List in Java

    Hi, I can't traverse the doubly linked list. My code is:class Student{ int id; String name; Student next, prev; Student(int id, String name){ this.id = id; this.name = name; next = null; prev = null; } } public class DLLAddtoTail { Student head =null...
  45. Greg Bernhardt

    B What is the Conversion Factor for Hectacomb Sacrifices?

    Contact me to add more! Let's build a master list! To change To Multiply by acres hectares .4047 acres square feet 43,560 acres square miles .001562 atmospheres cms. of mercury 76 Btu/hour horsepower .0003930 Btu kilowatt-hour .0002931 Btu/hour watts .2931...
  46. fresh_42

    B List of Online Calculators for Math, Physics, Earth and Other Curiosities

    I've gone through my bookmarks and found some interesting aka helpful online tools. Please report broken links to a moderator. Additional ones should be added here, so again please contact a moderator. Links checked: 06/20/23 Latest Update: 05/24/24 (Christoffel Symbols Calculator) Time...
  47. I

    List of all elements found in ribosomes?

    Hello, I am trying to find a breakdown of all the elements that a ribosome complex would contain. Any feedback appreciated!
  48. D

    Studying John Baez's list of books math prerequisites?

    my current skills in math are differential eq and linear algebra... and I am about to start reading Feynman lectures of physics and planning to read all John Baez's recommended books.. after reading Feynman's, what would be the next best thing to do? learn more math? or jump already to core...
  49. F

    I Complete list of Feynman diagrams

    Is there an on-line list of all possible Feynman diagrams for all the known particles?
  50. FourEyedRaven

    Other Physics Books - A List of Small Gems

    Hi. I am looking for physics books of a particular type: concise, and very well regarded. Two examples I found are "Mechanics", by Laundau & Lifshitz; and "Elementary Statistical Physics" by Kittel. Both are around 200 pages and they cover a lot of material. Unfortunately, I don't have the...