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Look at one point - can you make the train change directions?

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    When I look at the top of the gif, the train comes toward me. When I look at the bottom, it goes away from me.

    I have a hard time making it change while looking at the same spot, though.

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    I can make it roughly change directions simply shifting my gaze a few pixels to the left and right. I don't know if I can do it without moving my eye at all.
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    I can stare at about the window level of the train and think about it coming towards me and it does, and then think about it going away from me, and it does. I can do that pretty easily.
    This reminds me of the ballerina one, where she can switch directions by just thinking about it. I can't look at her and change her spinning direction, I have to look at her shadow. She naturally always spins clockwise for me, but if I look at her shadow, I can make her spin counterclockwise, but then she's stuck spinning counterclockwise until I look at her shadow again.

    But I just realized, if I look at the image through my peripheral vision, and not directly, I can think about her spinning one way, and that's what I'll see. I only have control over her when not looking directly at her.
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    I can make it stay at the station and just wobble there for no reason. The passengrs certainly cannot get on or off.
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    Heh heh. Making milk shakes.
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    That's a good one Lisab :)

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