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Looking for ball bearing assembly with easy disassembly

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    Hi folks! I am looking for a ball bearing assembly that can be easily taken apart and re-assembled. I'm trying to test some ball bearings (the balls themselves) so its advantageous to have a housing that I can easily take apart and reload with a different type of ball without damaging anything. The best option I've come across so far is a cup/cone adjustable bicycle hub. Does anyone know of something similar to that, but as a stand-alone assembly? I've searched around google a bit but have come up empty.
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    A bicycle hub was the first thing I thought of. What's wrong with it? What do you mean by a "stand-alone assembly"?
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    Perhaps like a self centering inner and outer race, I remember seeing races with half-round cut-outs where you can remove or insert one ball at a time but I think they always had wave shaped rings to keep the balls at regular intervals and prevent them from exiting the races under load. I believe I saw that type in longitudinal standard transmission input and output shaft main bearing assemblies.

    I couldn't find a picture with the "cut-outs" I was referring to but this type of bearing?

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    The only type I have ever seen is 2 outer races on each side of the axle tube, and 2 inner races threaded on the axle shaft with locking nuts.
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    Another part of the bicycle would be better for testing. If I was working on a test rig I would use the bottom bracket. If you are not a bike mechanic this is the large tube wher the petal shaft rotates.
    Shop used or cheap bikes. Look for one with removable crank arms or enlist a bike shop for possibly a wreck. Pull the crank arms off and you have a double bearing race with an easily adaptable pulley shaft. And the entire thing is pre welded into arms that would be easy to mount in almost anything.
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    Not sure if anything is necessarily wrong, I was just hoping to find something slightly more elegant if you will.
    Regarding stand alone, I just want a bearing, I'd prefer if it wasn't integrated into a bicycle hub.

    I did some more searching and came across "Slot filled bearings" that seem to be what you're describing, is this it:

    Anyone else have experience with slot fill bearings?
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    Angular contact bearing or Magneto bearing .

    You could also use a thrust ball bearing . These come apart particularly easily .
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    What is purpose of your proposed tests ?

    There is extensive technical data regarding theory and practical application of rolling contact bearings available .

    An improvised test is unlikely to add anything to the knowledge base .

    If you require bearing data for some specific purpose it can probably be found using a simple search .
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    Yes those are what I remember replacing the balls in. but the cage wasn't readily removable, that part would have to be redesigned for interchangeability.
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