What is Bearing: Definition and 184 Discussions

In navigation, bearing is the horizontal angle between the direction of an object and another object, or between it and that of true north.

Absolute bearing refers to the angle between the magnetic north (magnetic bearing) or true north (true bearing) and an object. For example, an object to the East would have an absolute bearing of 90 degrees.
Relative bearing refers to the angle between the craft's forward direction and the location of another object. For example, an object relative bearing of 0 degrees would be dead ahead; an object relative bearing 180 degrees would be behind. Bearings can be measured in mils or degrees.

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  1. Y

    "Permanently" Lubricated Bearing?

    One of the bearings in my alternator is loud and noisy. Instead of just replacing the whole alternator, I was thinking of just pressing in a new bearing. I started looking at some online vendors, and saw that McMaster Carr has permanently lubricated bearings? This is the first time I have heard...
  2. StevenRice

    What Should I Use to Hold Bearings Vertically?

    I found perfect bearings for spinning this cylinder horizontally. But, I don't know what to use to hold the bearings, vertically I think. Can someone please try to tell me what I should use to hold these bearings?
  3. B

    : Calculation of Linear Bearing (Carriage) Load

    Hi Guys, please please assist me! I need to pick for a project at my work linear carriages which should work at this configuration : As you can see, there is a piston which moves the plate on 4 bearings from the side (yes, I know, not the best configuration, but that's what we have given the...
  4. W

    Electronics Would This Setup for a Ball Bearing Accelerator Work?

    I need a method to accelerate a ball bearing down a pair of wire tracks, and to generate a consistent amount of force on every activation. Please critique my tentative design: I want to use an inductive coil activated by a proximity sensor to generate a transient EM field to accelerate the ball...
  5. N

    Does bolt preload reduce the bearing stress on positioning pins?

    Hi all, I have some detailed design work coming up designing bolted/pinned interfaces, so I’m doing some examples trying to remember what I learned at uni. I would like to calculate the stresses in bolts and pins of a hypothetical mechanical assembly, but I have a question before I get started...
  6. V

    Automotive Calculating radial and axial loads for a tapered roller bearing

    Hi I'm analyzing a tapered roller bearing as part of a differential. I know the shaft is providing input torque of 333.5 N-m @ 4000RPM, and I know the bore size of the bearing, 30mm. I need to find the radial and axial forces given that torque, so I can move on to finding C10, L10, rated load...
  7. B

    Load bearing capacity of a tall column

    Could someone please tell me the load bearing capacity of an 8" x 8" x 10 foot tall white oak column. The oak is fully cured and would be placed on an appropriately sized concrete footing. It would be mechanically fastened to a beam that it would be supporting. Any assistance or explanation...
  8. Y

    Help Understand Bearing Theory

    Hi, Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I haven't taken fluid mechanics classes and mechanical engineering ones. I understand that sometimes bearings get "dry" and you can regrease them. However I did some searching online and found that it's possible to over grease a bearing which can...
  9. S

    Polymer linear bearing grooves

    All polymer linear bearings i have seen have a lot of groves in the running direction (at least the ones for round shafts). Is this just to minimize the surface area in contact with the shaft to minimize the friction? Or do they have another function like clearing dust and particles? And why...
  10. curiousPep

    Engineering Contact mechanics - Thrust bearing

    Hello, I am doing some contact mechanics and I had an example in my Lecture notes about a simple thrust bearing with three balls where the bottom plate is stationary, the top plate rotates with angular velocity w, and the cage rotates with angular speed Ω. It says by inspection Ω =w/2 but I...
  11. J

    Bearing requirements calculation

    Hi! I am working on a design project. I already know all the loads (moment, force and gravity) on the shaft. I want to calculate the bearing requirements to help me choose the right bearing. All loads are very small, and the key requirement of the entire system is high accuracy. Can I assume...
  12. J

    Cam forces acting on a linear motion bearing with nonlinear forces

    I have a machine I am designing that for all intensive descriptions, is a simple press designed to compress loose product into a puck like shape. The press force comes from a roller bearing mounted to a piston shaft, the rod sliding through a rigid linear bearing and the piston on the end of...
  13. G

    Movement of a Ball Bearing within a cavity inside a Projectile

    Summary:: Question concerning the behavior of a ball bearing inside a projectile fired straight up or at an arc. Within a projectile is a 1-inch cylindrical cavity, inside of which is a steel ball bearing that can freely roll along the length of the cavity. When the projectile is fired...
  14. M

    Bearing (surface) pressure versus load rating

    Hi, From suppliers of bearings, some of them specify the maximum bearing (surface) pressure or the maximum load rating (static or dynamic). What's the difference between this two? And which is most commonly used during selecting and calculating bearings in a mechanical design? Thanks in advance,
  15. B

    Thrust Ball bearing and Needle Bearing

    Hello all friends, My questions about the these two types of bearings. I know that what is purpose of usage. But I don't know where can I use them. If someone knows information about that, please inform me. Thanks you all.
  16. G

    Construction Column load bearing calculations

    Are there any websites that might have load bearing calculations for metal square tube columns. Thanks in advance...
  17. Andrea Vironda

    Question about angular contact bearing mounting

    Hi, In my memories there's the information that in a O shaped mounting, the bearings will work in diagonal (the forces will be transmitted following that path). But in many drawings I can see the presence of a spacer between internal rings. Is it necessary since no force should be transmitted to it?
  18. MrMoe

    Bearing race diameter inequality question

    Hello all this is my first post. I am not an engineer, but I wish I was. I have been enjoying watching Dan Gelbart!s YouTube Chanel. His air bearing has me wondering about the relationship and apparent conflict inside ball bearings. How does the ball travel around the shorter distance...
  19. C

    MHB Find the Bearing from A to C & Angle B: Solve Here

    Dear everyone, An airplane flies 470 miles from point $A$ to point $B$ with a bearing of 25 degrees. It then flies from 250 miles from point $B$ to point $C$ with a bearing of 40 degrees. Find the distance and the bearing from A to point C. Work I understand that I need to use law of...
  20. V

    Calculating the normal force due to moment load on a thrust bearing

    Hello all! I have a mathematical question for you. I'm trying to design a thrust bearing that can withstand axial and moment loads. I've added a picture of a similar design. The design consists of two rings (grey) and sliding pads (blue) fixed on the bottom ring. The top ring slides over the...
  21. F

    Need Advice: Passing a Ball Bearing from Air to Water

    Hi all, I'm new to this but joined in the hope someone with more experience could provide some advice. In a personal project, I have a particular design dilemma where I am trying to pass a metal ball bearing (or any other spherical shaped solid) from a column of air into a column of water...
  22. KevinTOC

    I How would one calculate the distance and bearing of a signal source?

    Basically, I'm wondering how you can essentially determine the bearing of a signal source, if you know its signal strength. assuming you're in a vacuum, and you have a beacon transmitting a signal, and you know its signal strength. How could you find out the bearing (direction) it's at, if you...
  23. S

    Need help calculating bearing life for gearbox in mixer application?

    I am a little confused on how to calculate the bearing rating and life for a gearbox in a mixer application. The only information that they are providing is the following, using a 1/4HP motor, 0.08 HP expected loading, a max torque of 87.2 in-lbs, 175.8 in-lbs bending max, and 632 psi expected...
  24. J

    Contact Stresses in Cantilevered Journal Bearing

    I am trying to analyze the static stresses on a bronze bushing in a journal bearing if I was to use that journal bearing as a support for a cantilevered shaft. All the equations I have for contact stresses on the bushing suggest a uniformly distributed load across the entire bushing, which would...
  25. M

    Confused by envelope detection and windowing+overlapping

    Summary: Should both envelope detection and windowing+overlapping be used before FFT? Summary: Should both envelope detection and windowing+overlapping be used before FFT? Hi everyone! I'm somewhat a newbie to signal analysis, but I've also noticed that there seem to be many different...
  26. H

    Problem With a Slewing Bearing Crane

    Dear All Masters I have problem with slewing bearing crane. My subcon made a crane that have a very high platform deck form slewing bearing. They said it is fine and the height is not an issue as it is in lower place. I know the higher the load from slewing bearing, the bigger the force or...
  27. G

    Acceleration and Velocity: Understanding the Relationship

    Is there a correlation between acceleration and velocity? If acceleration is rising will the velocity also rise?
  28. C

    Alternative to a square linear bearing?

    Anyone know of an alternative to the 7mm Drylin square linear bearing? They seem on the expensive side, 30GBP for just the plastic insert/bearing surface. https://www.igus.co.uk/product/983 Ideally I'm looking for something smaller, say for a 3mm shaft/rail?
  29. runningman19

    Good Bearing for a Low Friction Turntable?

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a project which involves building an extremely low friction turntable. To give you an idea of how low, we're placing a tank full of water on top of the turntable, placing a stirrer into the tank, turning the stirrer on and trying to get the tank to rotate on the...
  30. C

    I Is a Single Bearing Pedal Possible for Bicycles and Motorcycles?

    I have seen motorcycles and bicycles with only one front fork and I was wondering if the mechanics would be similar enough to make it possible to manufacture a bicycle pedal that has only one bearing where the pedal screws into the crank and no shaft passing through the body of the pedal...
  31. T

    B How Tall is the Tower in This Classic 1957 Math Problem?

    Here is a problem I found which is from a math class in 1957: A man is standing due East of a tower and notes it subtends an angles of 45 degrees with the tower. He walks South 42.4 feet and the subtended angle is 30 degrees. How tall is the tower? (You are only allowed to use only...
  32. P

    Is a magnet acting on a bearing detrimental?

    I have a 28x15x7 stainless steel bearing mounted close to a powerful magnet and the magnet courses some drag when the bearings turns. This is no problem in this design, it’s a hand operated lever so very low rpm and I was even thinking that a magnet might me a good way to add some dampening to...
  33. Richie Smash

    Find the length of PR and the bearing of P from R

    Homework Statement A ship sails 3 nautical miles from Port P on a course of 64° to Port Q, then changes course to 285° and sails a further 7 nautical miles to Port R. (i) Draw a carefully labelled diagram of the entire route taken. Show the north direction where necessary. (ii)Calculate the...
  34. B

    Explanation of a torque of friction in a bearing

    Homework Statement I have no idea what torque of a friction in a bearing is. I'm looking for good explanation. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I understand what torque/friction/bearing is. But I have no idea how they come together when looking at the actual mechanical problem. Help!
  35. M

    Bearing and Bushing design

    Hello All, I am new to designing, and I need to design an air tight tubing with a motor shaft running thru. Following are representative pics: https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/215901 https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/215902 Blue arrows indicate air flow direction. Red part...
  36. I

    Bearing support for vertical shaft

    I have short (12") vertical shaft. The shaft will supported at the top and bottom by a bearing. The only axial load will be from the weight of the shaft and gears on the shaft. I'll estimate the total weight of the shaft and gears at around 5 lbs. Shaft will rotate at around 1000 RPM. From...
  37. J

    Small bearing or low-friction "pin" to assemble t-slot frame

    Howdy folks I have to say up-front, that I am not an ME by trade. My background is in EE. So, I apologize in advance if I accidentally make my question confusing. I need to join a couple of these...
  38. R

    One Ball fatigue failure at Deep Groove Ball bearing

    I am working on finding a solution for a gear box field failure. Failure description: In the deep groove ball bearing only one rolling element has a pre-mature fatigue failure (Image-6.jpg) and rest of the all ball is in good condition (image-05.jpg). Do anyone has seen the same kind of...
  39. L

    Optimizing Bearing Design: Solving a Common Engineering Homework Problem

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I made the calculation and i got an unrealistic solutions, I hope that someone could help me with it. ;)
  40. D

    Radial bearings to take load off a movable pulley/sproket

    I have an arrangement where a movable pulley has a hook attached. This pulley has to take a load of 5 tonnes and yet move along the horizontal direction. Is it possible to achieve this by using a radial bearing?
  41. Martin Skkinner

    What is Tapered land thrust bearing?

    I came across the word Tapered land Thrust bearing while reading about Babbitt bearing manufacturing. Can anyone help me with a layman's definition? How is it different from tilting pad?
  42. H

    Generating light by using the energy from a yoyo

    I want to design a yoyo that upon spinning, the energy from the spinning, can turn a mini generator inside and store that energy into a battery which then powers a LED inside. From basic calculations, I have seen that I could probably generate about 10W of power per 'toss' due to the high rpms...
  43. H

    How do I properly mount a needle bearing for a trike swing arm?

    Hi, I am have been trying to figure out the correct way to mount a needle bearing. I have previously worked with ball bearings. Here is the application: The needle bearing will be pivot point of a swing arm of a trike. Another will form the central pivot point that breaks the vehicle from...
  44. W

    Choosing the Right Tolerance for Bearing Housing Design: A Scientist's Guide

    I'm currently in the process of designing a bearing housing for an axle. Unfortunately I am not 100% on the diameter of my axle yet but I want to have a clear understanding what tolerances to use on my axle to bearing bore and bearing outer diameter to the bearing housing. I've looked over the...
  45. T

    Force generated by a solenoid on a moving steel ball bearing

    Hi, I want to find an equation for the force generated by a solenoid on a moving steel ball bearing given current, number of loops, area of the solenoid for a lab project. I've tried looking through many sources, but was unable to find anything. I also tried looking at this previous discussion...
  46. T

    MHB "Bearing" question - finding distance between two objects

    Dear friends, I am having problem solving the following question related to "bearing" in trigonometry. A motorboat is 10 km South of a lighthouse and is on a course of 053 degrees. What is the shortest distance between the motorboat and the lighthouse? My confusion is how does a boat travel...
  47. Mohamed_Wael

    Is Rust the Cause of My Ball Bearing's Failure?

    I am doing surface failure analysis for a ball bearing SKF 6025, , as an exercise, It has been used in the washing machine tub, after some time a noise has been reported and it is no longer rotating. When i got it I opened the seal and captured the attached photo. I had a feeling that it suffers...
  48. S

    B  Given circle, find the line of bearing of tan lines thru 0,0

    This question occurred to me a few days ago and it's been bugging me ever since. Consider a circle in the coordinate plane with center P(x,y) and radius R, where R < D, D being the distance from the origin to the circle's center. There are two lines tangent to the circle (T1 and T2) that pass...
  49. K

    Replace a Track roller bearing with a Sleeved Bush bearing

    Hi. I have issue of continuous failure of Track roller because of excess loading. I am looking for bush bearing with bearing pressure with 150 to 200 MPa @ 0.144 m/sec sliding speed & Friction coefficient shall be max 0.1. I will install a sleeve on the bush bearing & use it as a roller . Can...
  50. H

    Help designing bearing influenced by spring

    Hello Guys, I'm building a vertical wave machine. I have a big bearing [2] (more like an eccentric) which is rotating by an electric motor with a constant speed of 0.359 rad/sec. When 3/4 of the bearing touches bearing [1] it supposed to rotate it a 1/4 turn, which as a result the ladder with...