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Looking for fast electronically controlled valve

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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but have used it before for school. I'm currently working on my MS mechanical thesis which pertains to vortex rings in fluid.

    I was wondering if anyone had any good websites/suggestions for an electronically controlled valve with the following specifications:

    • can be used with water at about 20°C
    • diameter of 0.5"- 1.0"
    • electronically controlled, preferably with a timer so I can generate consistent pulses
    • open/close within 500 ms (0.5 sec)
    • able to withstand a 6 ft pressure head (most should do this no problem)
    • budget of about $1000

    Obviously my budget is high, so a high quality valve would be nice. I've looked through McMaster-Carr and Alibaba, and am going to continue my research, but just thought I'd see if anybody had any input.

    Thanks in advanced!


    (PS. Sorry if this is the wrong forum)
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    Welcome back to PF.
    The fastest full flow valves I have found are standard ball valves since they only require a 90° rotation. Transition times are less than 100ms when controlled by DC servo motors.

    Pneumatically controlled ball valves are available for the industrial market.
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    Okay great, the speed the valves open and close usually isn't mentioned in the specs. I've been chatting with customer service.
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    Is it modulating or two position? If two position, how about a solenoid valve?
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    Two position, and a solenoid would be great! That's what I'm looking into now.
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    Okay, I wanted to update this thread in case someone digs it up in a Google search or something.

    I found a couple websites to check out including "www.ascovalve.com" [Broken], but am currently looking at some Burkert valves since they seem to have some easier control accessories.

    So I've got this 2-way solenoid valve and am currently looking at the accessories to hook up to it in order to be able to open/close (read: control) it from a computer.

    It looks like even the Burkert valves are somewhat industrial so I'm going to be looking into possibly utilizing a more often-used-at-universities-standard National Instruments DAQ and then use some sort of LabView like control interface.
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