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Looking for good physics colleges

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    I'm looking for colleges that have excellent physics courses in the following categories

    Astrophysics is the physics of the universe, this tells about the physical properties of cosmic matter.

    quantum mechanics:
    Quantum mechanics are the physics of the very small, atoms and subatomic particles and why they are what they are.

    Magnetohydrodynamics studies the physics of electrically charged liquids.

    Does anyone know any colleges with courses in these subjects?
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    Are you looking for an undergraduate program... or a grad program? Why do I ask? Personally, when I learned a bit about magnetodynamics, I learned it on my own (since these parts related to my doctoral thesis project). It's probably fairly specialized.

    Quantum mechanics is a standard requirement in every physics program at the undergrad level and graduate level. Most, though no all universities offer courses in astrophysics (some may offer graduate degrees in this field, and therefore have more coursework available).

    That said, the quality of courses often varies from term to term, depending on who the instructor is. Many... (and I think often the best) programs rotate instructors through different courses) and often the instructor even selects what text is used (which also effects the quality of the course. Therefore, I'd tend to look for the quality of the program, not the quality of a particular course.
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    To take a course in magnetohydrodynamics, you're best off at a school with a solar physics program - Montana State, University of Alabama, University of Hawaii. But even they don't offer them too often, and usually just at the graduate level. Astrophysics and quantum mechanics will be offered in pretty much every physics program. I agree with Physics Girl - go for the program quality, not specific courses. You can always study things like that on your own, if you think you'll actually need it.
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    I'm looking for a undergaduate progam, and to modify my question, do any of you know of any high quality programs of the types I mentioned above? By the way, do you know of any magnetohydrodynamics books?
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