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Looking for history of candlelight vigils

  1. Wikipedia has almost nothing on when this all started. Ditto for history of candle making.

    Anyone know the history of this kind of vigil?
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  3. Evo

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    You will probably find it most commonly in religious vigils. Since candles were a common manner of light at night before electricty or even gas, the only reference to them would be as gatherings at night. Perhaps torchlight ceremonies. But torchlight was common.
  4. Evo

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    If you just want a history of candlemaking, I can probably find some articles on that, I used to have some. They used to have oil lamps long before candles.
  5. Not so much candle-making, really. I only mentioned that because it was part of my search strategy. Odd that I can't find anything on the history of this kind of vigil. But where you mention religion, I'll try to find a religion forum and see if anyone knows.

    Pray I avoid any proselytizing snowballs. o:)
  6. arildno

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    Although this is more in the candle-making business than about vigils, I suggest you contact, for example, the Chandler's Guild in London. (It still exists).

    The waxchandlers have their own website; here's a chronology from there:

    Furthermore, at amazon.com, a history of the guild "The Wax Chandlers of London" is available from independent sources:
  7. Will do. Thank you.
  8. arildno

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  9. Nice find. I will look at that one. :smile:
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