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Looking for resources to do with energy transfer.

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    in every element energy is used up to link the protons/neutrons together etc.

    I am looking for a table that shows how the energy required increases as the number of protons/neutrons increases in the nucleus of the elements.

    i've searched Google quite a while a can't seem to come across one, do any of you guys know where i could find such a table.

    Sorry if i havnt explained it clearly i was told it was a famous graph that explains a lot about physics i.e atom bombs etc.
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    I presume you're referring to the average nuclear binding energy per nucleon with respect to mass number.

    There's an example on this page: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/nucene/nucbin.html

    The essential idea is that Iron happens to be the most tightly bound nucleus, so an energy yield is possible by splitting heavy nuclei into lighter one's (fission), or by inducing the formation of heavier nuclei from very light nuclei (fusion).
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