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MacGuyver Mastercard Superbowl commercial

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    First, MacGuyver uses a pine tree shaped airfreshner to cut the rope binding his hands behind a chair.
    NExt, he takes a tube sock to slide down a metal wire from about 2 stories to the ground.
    Last, he takes a paper clip, ball point pen, rubber band, a few other items and turkey bastor to start a diesel truck.

    I am wondering, is it really possible to use an air freshner to cut through any sort of rope that would be used to hold together a man's hands behind a chair apparently against his will?
    Next, it seems unlikely that a tube sock would cause enough friction to slow a man, lets say 185 pounds, down enough to where he does not break his legs after sliding down at about a 50 degree angle two stories up?
    And can you really jump start a diesel engine with a paper clip, ball point pen, ruber band and turkey bastor; all before the building you were in blows up?

    The answer is of course: only if you are McGuyver.
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    It's MacGyver.
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    Where was the duct tape?
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    I just watched the commercial at priceless.com, and as a MacGyver fan, I heavily enjoyed it. The only thing that could've made it better is if Richard Dean Anderson still had a mullet (and if he looked 15 years younger).
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    the godaddy.com commercial was a lot more interesting.:bugeye:
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    Gak. :yuck:
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