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Homework Help: Mag. field of square loop at far away point

  1. Mar 2, 2010 #1

    I had to find the magnetic field due to each side at point P, a distance h above x-axis and L/2 from z-axis.

    In previous parts, summing up all the sides, I came up with a net magnetic field at point P, of:


    The final part of the problem asks to find the magnetic field at a far away point P(L/2,y0,z0) where y0 and z0 are much larger than L.

    How do I tackle this? I know I am not going to have to redo the entire calculation for a different point. Is it safe to just take the limit,


    \lim_{h\rightarrow \infty} B_{net}

    The way I look at it, my equation is for the point P(L/2,0,h). For the far away point, my x isn't changing, but y and z are. So by taking this limit, I get my z very far, but how to do it for a far y as well?

    Am I thinking this over right?
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    I think you are over-thinking it. Very far from the xy plane the loop looks like a magnetic dipole and I believe you are expected to treat it as such.
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    Ok. Thats a step.

    So can I use my current result and alter it to accommodate for such change, or do I have to redo the derivation?

  5. Mar 2, 2010 #4
    Ok I got it. Following through with what was mentioned above, I arrived with a new formula, but for a dipole as mentioned. All is clear, thank you. :)
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