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Magnetic Field affecting the nervous system

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    I recently learned about Magnetic fields and the force they apply on moving charged particles.I had read in biology that the nervous system works on electrical impulses.My question is,do magnetic fields affect the nervous system?Do they apply a force on the nerves?
    I know this may not be the most appropriate question for a physics forum,but I didn't know where else to ask it.And pardon me if the question is too naive.
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    I don't find the reference now, but magnetic fields of several Tesla can have an effect on neurons. The mechanical force is negligible (neurons don't work like cables), but the field changes the way current flows.
    Fast changes of a strong field can be worse as those directly induce current flows.
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    What is the strength of the field produced when an MRI scan of the brain is done?
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    Typically 1-3 Tesla (for the large static field), with some experimental devices having stronger fields.
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    You're right. This question is not appropriate for an Introductory Physics HW forum.

    It has been moved to the Medical Sciences technical forum, where you may generate some useful responses.

    In the future, when posting a thread, if you are not sure which forum to post in, you can contact a Moderator and ask for his/her advice.
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    Thanks a lot guys..
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