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I Making an electric unicycle really selfbalanced

  1. Sep 13, 2017 #1
    I recently came across electric unicycles, a cool and fun way fpr transportation.

    The wheel balances as a Segway by applying power to the wheel. (the classis reverse pendula).

    However, since its a unicycle, it does not balance sideways, and I imagine that this colud be solved with a mechanical gyro.

    By controlling the gyros movement through the accelerometer that is already present, it should be possible to both balance the wheel itself, but also provide some "lift" on the pedals in order to help riders start their wheels.

    When driving, the wheel itself provides the gyro effect needed to stay upright.

    My questions:
    How much should the gyro disc weigh + diameter and how fast must it spin in order to balance the wheel itself?

    Same question in order to provide 10kg lift on one of the pedals?


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    Look up two wheel vehicles, which use gyros for lateral balance. This should give you an idea.
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