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Male-Female Adulthood critical-line

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    Male-Female Adulthood "critical-line"


    Regardless of humans social norms, biologically speaking: when is the creature is defined as adult: When it can have children, or when it start the 'adulthood' process? Is there a critical line define it? Does the species in thier process of becoming an adult are 'no child' any more, and thus can be 'yound adult' or are the considered' senior kids'?

    Is thier any evidence that biological creatures [humans included ofcourse, but preferably other species as well to mention] may have intercourse at some stages before they are able to produce. However feeling attraction tothe opposite gender?

    Please excuse me that english is not my native language. I am doing some research about cultural norms in humans and thier behavior, and regarding the social construction of reality in the human race regarding family marriage and other concepts.

    I appreciate your help allz!
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    The physical transition to adulthood is puberty. Once you have finnished these physical changes, you are considered by most medical fields to be a young adult. There is no set age, but generally between 17 and 20 you body is done growing.
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    If not exactly intercourse, Bonobo chimpanzee mums initiate have sex (rubbing) with her kids from quite early on.
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    Thanks Hypatia, arildno

    I wonder as well about the concept of 'puppy love' that is used in some western societies: Do they mean that 'young teenagers-adults' feel attracted to each other, or that children do 'like' each in a way related to gender however not as the same way adults express it.

    I think the question lies between biology and other fields, but i want it more in the biological way. Again examples from animals are welcome too.

    [do some animals have puppy love? Does the puppy of Dogs have this kind?]

    Thx again!
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    "Puppy love" generally refers to a teenager's first romantic attraction, or more aptly, infatuation. Usually it's because they become fairly irrational about it with all the excitement of young love.

    As hypatia already generally described, reaching reproductive maturation (becoming fully fertile) is considered the end of the juvenile period and the beginning of the adult period in an animal's life cycle. But, they are not always fully grown to their adult size yet, so are referred to as a young adult until their skeletal maturation is complete. (Of course, the juvenile and adult stages are much more easily defined in non-mammalian species, based on things like molts or metamorphosis to a distinctly adult form.)

    In any species other than humans, it is difficult to define "attraction" but sexual behavior can be exhibited in pubertal mammals before they have become fully fertile, and the motor functions necessary for copulation can also often be observed in the juvenile play behavior of mammals.
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