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Mathematica always needs a clean start?

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    Hi all,

    I've been using Mathematica through my school for a couple of years, and I finally got my own license so I can work on my homework when I'm not connected to the campus network (we can run Mathematica on our laptops as long as we can remotely hook up to the server they host it on). It's been really glitchy and having problems I never had when running it through the school. It crashes randomly over things that take very little computing power (like typesetting a square root), and it always seems to reset its preferences and need to be run with a clean start. Any words of wisdom?
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    Since you have a new valid license I believe you can contact Wolfram support and they will provide enough support to get you up and running reliably. After that you may be on your own, depending on the license you have.
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    Yeah, I may have to look into that, because it's doing some really irritating things. If I press the enter key while I'm in an equation cell, the whole thing crashes, which is ridiculous.
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