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Mathematica does not completely evaluate expressions.

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    I've defined A and B to be two affine transformations on [itex]\mathbb{R}^2[/itex]. Then, I defined C and D to be some kinds of compositions of A and B, for example:
    C = Composition[A,B,B,A,A][{x,y}]
    D = Composition[B,A,B,A,B][{x,y}]

    Now, I want to evaluate expressions like:
    X = Composition[C,D,C,C,D,C][{x,y}]

    I know this seems like a silly thing to do, but it is actually quite necessary for the problem I'm doing. However, X does not explicitly evaluate to a column vector, Mathematica just keeps it as Composition[C,D,C,C,D,C][{x,y}].

    How can I FORCE mathematica to evaluate an expression to the end? Thanks
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    If I assume the answer I gave you yesterday is similar to what you are doing today then


    Then this appears to work as expected because A and B are functions.


    It transforms vector to vector using the sequence of functions.

    Now you want today

    C = Composition[A,B,B,A,A][{x,y}]
    D = Composition[B,A,B,A,B][{x,y}]
    X = Composition[C,D,C,C,D,C][{x,y}]

    but what are C and D and what is the Composition of them?

    First, Mathematica reserves a vast number of names for itself. Those include C and D. Using either of those as an ordinary user variable almost certainly will give you nothing but grief.

    Second, think a moment, what is Composition[C,D,C,C,D,C] exactly? Composition is expecting a sequence of functions and will compose those. But your C and D are both vectors, not functions. If I scribbled on the board C={1,2} and D={4,3} Compose those. What would you do?

    So resolve both of those and we will see if we can get you where you need to go
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    Here's an example. You can keep shift+entering the output until it fully simplifies, but I can't get it to simplify immediately

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    A general rule I try to remember: The more people try to desktop publish their math the more problems they have. I realize Mathematica makes it almost impossible for some people to resist this.

    Carefully check this and see if it is correct after having removed the desktop publishing.

    In[1]:= a[{x_,y_}]:={{1,0},{2,-1}}.{x,y};

    In[5]:= c[{x,y}]

    Out[5]= {4+9 x,6+15 x-4 y}

    In[6]:= d[{x,y}]

    Out[6]= {13+27 x,1-19 x+8 y}

    In[7]:= X = Composition[c,d,c,c,d,c,d][{x,y}]

    Out[7]= {64570081+129140163 x,120307837+240270449 x+131072 y}

    Note: Literally scrape and paste that into Mathematica without forcing it back into your 2-dimensional published form
    Thank you
    And I'm still not sure I understand what you mean by composition of two element vectors.
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    Thx, that works. I guess it's a shortcoming of mathematica. Oh, and the vectors aren't like usual vectors, they're just maps from R^2 to R^2.
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    You could spend hours or days and try to find a work around that will let you use the 2d format you were using. If you could make a very convincing case that it should work you could submit this to Wolfram and see if in a year or two they send you a note saying they have corrected this. But is probably very unlikely that they will change this.
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