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Mathematica help - simplification

  1. Jun 17, 2011 #1

    I'm trying to find out how I can let Mathematica know what is a variable and what is a parameter when asking it to simplify an expression.

    For example: if I have the following expression

    \[Beta] \[CapitalOmega] ((1 - \[Gamma] y) \[Xi] \[Sigma] + (x - \[Xi]) \[CapitalOmega]) + a ((-1 + \[Gamma])^2 (y (-1 + \[Beta]) + x \[Delta]))

    how to define x and y as my variables so that when I run FullSimplify I get an expression like



    Otherwise, Mathematica does a simplification that gives me:

    a (-1 + \[Gamma])^2 (y (-1 + \[Beta]) +
    x \[Delta]) + \[Beta] \[CapitalOmega] (x \[CapitalOmega] - \[Xi] ((-1 + y \[Gamma]) \[Sigma] + \[CapitalOmega]))

    Many thanks,
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    I think I've sorted it out using Collect (had never used this function before).

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