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Mathematica VectorFieldPlot axes

  1. Jul 9, 2009 #1
    I have done some research and it seems like the option to add axes to VectorFieldPlot isn't available in my 6.0.0 version. (Unless someone knows how to do this?) Because of that, I'm having problems understanding how the axes limits command is working.

    For the Plot command, even though it states that it should be entered {x, xmin, xmax} and {y, ymin, ymax}, it seems to automatically switch the xmin and xmax if they are entered backwards. Now, I am having trouble figuring out if VectorFieldPlot does something similar. When entered backwards {x, xmax, xmin} and {y, ymax, ymin} it doesn't seem to produce the expected "backwards" graph. What is even more confusing is that:
    {x, xmax, xmin} and {y, ymax, ymin}
    {x, xmax, xmin} and {y, ymin, ymax}
    {x, xmin, xmax} and {y, ymax, ymin}
    all produce the same graph.

    Any one know whether or not it automatically plots the lowest limit on the left/bottom? Or how to explain the above behavior?

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