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MATLAB: Average a large number of matricies from .mat files

  1. Jun 4, 2009 #1
    I have a series of large 2x2 matricies, each of which is stored inside a .mat file. These files have the names data1.mat, data2.mat, data3.mat,..., data60.mat. I have sucessfully loaded each of these .mat files.

    I want to create a 1x60 array whose entires are the average values of the matrices. i.e:

    average(1) = mean(mean(data1));
    average(2) = mean(mean(data2));

    If I average the .mat files individually as above, it works, but I want to write a shot code which averages them all. I can make a string containing the names of the .mat files via

    names = strseq('data',1:60)

    This gives me an array with entries


    However, when I try to use eval(name(1)) to call the .mat file, it doesn't work. It gives me the message

    "??? Undefined function or method 'eval' for input arguments of type 'cell'."

    I take it that it is not recognising "name(1)" as a reference to the matrix data1. I'm not even sure that it's actually recognising name(1) as the string data1.

    It would be great if anyone could explain what I'm doing wrong, or suggest another way to call these .mat files.
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    Try using eval(name{1})

    note the curly brackets after name.
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    That really works!

    Thanks, Matonski.
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