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CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. Doc Al

    Need a free backup program for Windows

    I'm looking for a free (and simple to use!) program to do differential backups of my files on my Windows laptop. I don't want anything encrypted, just something that can compare files to the backup and add/subtract whatever's been changed. Years ago, I used "Karen's Replicator". Not sure if...
  2. emilmammadzada

    Fluka user routines -- Questions about Input and Output files

    Hello dear experts. I want to run this input file flex_03.inp in fluka, but there is also a writect.f file belonging to this file.In another application, head.vxl, ascii_head are shown in the output files of this input file.What steps do I need to apply to the same files so that I can see this...
  3. S

    Permit Whatsapp to access all files (not only media)

    When I look at the permissions settings for Whatsapp on my Android phone, I see these options: * Allow access to media only * Deny Now, I want to allow access to all files, not just media, because without that WhatsApp is not able to create local backup files. I do see that some apps like...
  4. benorin

    LaTeX Need editor for dvi files to convert latex

    I have only my iPhone rn to manipulate files with rn. I need assitence from someone with a latex editor capable of viewing .dvi files to download this linked file (the latest draft of our insight) on my google drive...
  5. Eclair_de_XII

    How to include two header files that are contained in the same folder?

    int add(int x, int y){ return x+y; } #include "headers/header_one.h" int subtract(int x,int y){ return add(x,-y); } //#include "headers/header_one.h" #include "headers/header_two.h" int main(void){ return 0; } If I run this, the compiler tells me that "headers/header_one.h" is...
  6. Arman777

    Linux - Moving/Copying Files via terminal

    I am trying to move files and folders from one directory to other. Both of the files has multiple subfolders and files. From the reasearch I have made it seems that the answer should be something like, `cp mv -vr \Downloads\* .` But I am not sure this is true or not. I am also not sure about...
  7. F

    Difference between interpreted and compiled files....

    Hello, I am sort of clear on the difference between compiled and interpreted computer languages. Compilation A program (source code), for example written in C, is essentially text that is converted by a compiler (software program) into binary machine code (1s and 0s) for the microprocessor to...
  8. shivajikobardan

    MHB Exploring Hotspots in File Access: Large Multi-Chunk Files vs Smaller Ones

    hotspot-: region of computer program where a high proportion of executed instructions occur Lazy space allocation-:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18109582/what-is-lazy-space-allocation-in-google-file-system With lazy space allocation, the physical allocation of space is delayed as long as...
  9. M

    Python Renaming File Numbers from 18533 to 18612 in Order - Python Script Tutorial

    Hi PF! I have a folder that has several .tif files, each with a number from 18533 through 18612. I'd like to rename these numbers in order such that 18533 --> 01,...,18612 --> 79. I've tried with the following code, but it's renaming all the files to just one. Any help would be awesome...
  10. P

    MATLAB Using 2 MATLAB files to simulate 3 plots

    First of all, I'm an absolute beginner in MATLAB. Secondly, I have 2 MATLAB files, one entitled as a "main file" and the other one as a helping .m file, which is called by the main file. I need to run the main file in order to obtain 3 plots. What is the exact procedure that I should follow in...
  11. W

    Opening " Forbidden Files" in Outlook

    Hi all, I received an attached file marked as " suspect" in Outlook, i.e., with the circle with diagonal red slash. I know who sent it to me; they were in front of me at the coffee shop and I know the person. Outlook is not giving me the option, AFAIK, to open it, nor even to inspect it. Any...
  12. Arman777

    Python Getting all files under a folder and subfolders in a recursive manner

    I want to list all the full path of the files under a folder and all its subfolders recursively. Is there a way to do it? It seems that if the files go into 2 levels, the code can be written like is, import os folderPATH = r'C:\Users\Arman\Desktop\Cosmology\Articles' filePATHS...
  13. F

    A How can I read ENSDF files

    Dear community, I am trying to construct the decay chains and the decay radiations from ENSDF files. Until now, I have used the ones included in the ENDF6 file format such as JEFF3 or ENDFBVIII etc... However, I have been told that ENSDF was especially done for decay data. I found the software...
  14. Y

    How to make video files smaller

    I record a video on the phone and it's 65MB, it too big to send. How do I make it smaller? If I just send from the phone, it'll get smaller, but the quality is really bad. I want to find a compromised size so I can make it smaller but not looking too bad. I know there are downloads that can do...
  15. W

    Overly large Python Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb) files

    Hi all, I was looking up my virtual file manager in Python Jupyter and in the listing of notebooks; all similar to each other in size and scope , some files stand out in terms of size for no apparent reasons. I have some 40 notebooks ; all- but- 2 ranging from 10kb to 284kb at the extremes , and...
  16. M

    LaTeX Including several tex files in one: multiple defined labels

    Hi PF! I have a divided a main.tex into chapters, chapter_1.tex, chapter_2.tex... Each chapter is included in the main.tex via \include{chapter_1}. Each chapter also references equations. Is there a way to have each of the chapter_1.tex only reference that file's equations, sections, figures...
  17. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX How to loop through reading .txt files while conditioning on line no.?

    \newcommand{\printNum}[2]{% #1 #2% } \newread\readEng \newread\readEsp \newread\readLineNo \newcount\myLineCount \myLineCount=0 \newcommand{\printNumRow}{\loop\global\advance\myLineCount by 1\read\readEng to \Eng \read\readEsp to \Esp \printNum{\Eng}{\Esp}\ifnum\myLineCount=\linenum...
  18. T

    JavaScript Javascript reading files: how should I have asked?

    Hello A few weeks ago (March 7) I asked how to have Javascript read a data file of numbers into an array. I now understand why this is such a challenge when running a code on a web page, locally. I have since found a sufficient workaround. I hope I can share it in the hope that someone can...
  19. Eclair_de_XII

    Python Writing modules that require supplementary files

    I'm working with Python modules at the mo', and I am having trouble trying to decide how best to include supplementary material that is accessed by my module, but not necessarily a part of it. The program works alright when accessing it from the IDE, but it fails to recognize the files when I'm...
  20. M

    Linking files into a txt file?

    Is there anyway that pdf, html or any other type of files can be linked into a txt file? That is, I would like to click to a link in a txt that will open another file.
  21. T

    I Preprocessing FIT Files: A Guide to Bias and Flat Correction Using Python Script

    I have a list of about 35 fit files, where there are 10 dome flats files, 10 bias files, 10 standard stars files, and 5 target files. Where each file has been filtered with BVI filter. So a third of the dome flat files were taken with a I-filter, a third with V-filter and a third with B-filter...
  22. Y

    C/C++ How to handle the Specification and Implementation files to be used in C++?

    I am learning how to create Classes. I already created the Specification file(Rectangle.h) and Implementation file(member function Rectangle.cpp) separately. In the book the CD that came with it supposed to have ways to do it, BUT of cause I bought used and don't have the CD! I already know how...
  23. Y

    Are Binary Files and Text Files the Same?

    I have been studying binary files, my main textbook is not very clear, the other 3 books are useless. I went on line and read a lot of articles. I want to run it by you guys whether I am correct or not: 1) Binary files are written in binary or Hex( same to me that read 4 binary as each hex)...
  24. F

    3D printing and G-code files....

    Hello, I am aware that the workflow of 3D printing involves the following steps: 1) Design the part using CAD and saving it as a .stl file. 2) Import the stl file into a slicing software to be converted to a G-code file 3) Load and run the G-code file on the 3D printer It is simple and safe to...
  25. Y

    Safe way to merge two PDF files

    Hi I need to merge two big pdf files together, as usual when I tried to scan a stack of papers into pdf files, my "beloved" Canon all-in-one determined to make it more interesting for me and jammed a few pages before completing the job. Now I have two files that I want to combine into one...
  26. Y

    How to really erase old files in my laptop?

    Hi I want to give my older 4th gen I5 with windows 10pro to my granddaughter to use, but I have important files that I want to delete PERMANENTLY from the computer. I already deleted into the recycle bin. Then I clear the recycle bin already. What other steps I have to do to ensure the files...
  27. Y

    How to edit and reduce the size of .MP4 files

    Hi Anyone can give me a safe link to reduce the size of .MP4 file ( of cause reduce quality). Also any program to cut and paste .MP4 files...Like editing the video? I saw some when I google, I want to play it safe and get links from here where people have experience with. Thanks Alan
  28. arcTomato

    [Perl] How to open multiple files and print different content

    Hello PF! I would like to know how to open multiple files and print different content to each files. The problem is $line_no1,2. means, I tried to write $line_no1,2 as a different value for each of files(tmp1~4.pco) using a while and for statement. I tries like this but dosen't work... The...
  29. qnach

    A Software for cross section calculations using .cif files

    Is there any software available to calculate cross section using .cif file?
  30. M

    Python Merge .dat files into one

    Hi PF! There are directories 0 5 10 15 20 (and so on), each containing a single volFieldValue.dat file (same name in each directory). I would like to successively combine each .dat file into one. So far what I have is this: #!/usr/bin/python3 import numpy as np #-----------------------SCRIPT...
  31. M

    MATLAB Reading all .csv files with different names

    Hi PF! I am trying to read all the .csv files in a folder. When I execute OFdata = readtable('/home/josh/Documents/NASA/PSI_DATA/Double_Drain/ICF1-9/OpenFOAM_DATA/*.csv'); I get a general error. However, replacing the asterisk with the file name, it load no issue. I've seen online how to...
  32. C

    IPad bloated battery & securing files

    I left my Ipad 3rd gen on a table for 2 weeks and today I just saw it in this condition: Has anyone ever seen anything like it? In your experience, is the screen salvageable and is the battery in that location? It's an old (3rd gen 64gig) made in 2012. I don't use it anymore...
  33. W

    Same file name, Different Files (Different Content) Python 2.7 Jupyt

    So I have Python 2.7 ( Don't ask) installed in my VM. Now I have two files named " Untitled 10" in my Jupyter notebook therein ( Notice the bottom cell in both files , named "Untitled 10" -- please see top of attachments -- which have different content in the "bottom-most" cell ); please...
  34. M

    Mathematica Exporting .png files with the same number of digits

    Hi PF! I'm trying to export plots of .png files as follows: plot[t_] := Plot[0.1 Exp[-2 \[Pi] t] Cos[\[Pi]*j*x], {x, -1, 1}, PlotRange -> {{-1, 1}, {-1, 1}}, Axes -> False, Background -> Black, PlotStyle -> Thickness[0.02]] dt = 0.1; Do[Export["test" <> ToString[t/dt] <> "png", plot[t]...
  35. Z

    File Header Size Information Required for Document Files

    Hi, I want to change the header of some document files like pdf, ms word, libre office programatically. I know that I have to use some byte type command like putc(..) and getc(). But I don't the header size of the above mentioned file formats.I saw a list of file format at wikipedia...
  36. amare

    Troubleshooting Corrupted Audio Files When the C Drive is Low on Space

    When the C drive gets limited in space, I take some space from the D drive and the audio files in D drive corrupted and can not open. How do I open these files?
  37. M

    MATLAB Importing multiple .csv files

    Hi PF! I'm trying to import multiple .csv files into MATLAB. Since the first row of the .csv is titles, I'm using the readtable function. This process works when I don't use a loop, but when I try to loop through several files I get the error "Error using readtable (line 198) The file extension...
  38. nomadreid

    Files have become overly sensitive to mouse drags

    In the last month, when I use my mouse to drag a file, it has been opening the file instead. I have not changed my technique for dragging, so I suppose there is some setting that has become shifted. Can I adjust for, say, a time-lapse before opening, or perhaps changing the opening command to a...
  39. J

    Comp Sci How do you read two files in the same program in C++?

    My matrix text files can vary from 1x1 to 10x10 (Another file will be given when the code gets tested but it's all square matrices) I'm stuck here. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { const int MAXI = 10; int x, y, z...
  40. W

    Crashed Android on ZTE Phone -- How to read Log files

    Hi, My Android ZTE phone is not loading the OS, not completing POST andgiving me an Android Recovery error message . How can I read/use log files to recover phone? Here is the error message, and the files listed in it, which I can access using on/volume keys (On key selects, Volume allows me...
  41. A

    Can we plot tallies of changed input files together (MCNP VISED)?

    To the users of the MCNP VISED version, if you please, Can I plot tallies of different or changed materials in the input file together in one plot using runtpe files? thanks in progress.
  42. Wrichik Basu

    Delete system files from Android phone

    I have a Samsung Galaxy on7, running on Android 6.0.1. It has a lot of pre installed apps that I consider bloatware. I want to remove them completely from the phone. Recently, I tried removing these apps as per this video: But soon I found that it does not delete the system files, because...
  43. Z

    Java .xlsx Excel files in Java: Sheet & Workbook error

    Hi, I am trying to access Excel Sheet .xlsx files in Java. I have tried various options available from internet. My program is using following jar files: poi-ooxml-3.5-beta4.jar, openxml4j-1.0-beta.jar I have done following imports: import java.io.*; import java.io.File; //import...
  44. P

    A Generating tables of data with LHE files from madgraph

    Does anyone know how to take the LHE file from madgraph, and get a table of \sigma and invariant masses of all pairs for each run? Thank you very much for your help guys. Have a great day!
  45. D

    Decrypting files & forgotten password

    About 8 years ago. I put all my documents and pictures in dvd and encrypted them using Axcrypt 128 encryption software. I forgot the password. I need to open up some files. Any idea how to decrypt them? What company can decrypt them and how fast would it take?
  46. I

    How to convert .file files

    I have downloaded some videos of the format .file They will play fine in windows media player and vlc, but i don't think they work on android Is there any way to convert them to mp4 or any other video formats
  47. Avatrin

    How can I create vector images with Python for laser cutting?

    Hi I wish to use Python to create art which can be exported as dxf files for use with laser cutters.While Processing is available for Python, it only creates raster images. What are my options if I want to create vector images? This may be the wrong forum for this question... If it is, where...
  48. BillTre

    Moonscape Files for 3D printing

    Several interesting moonscape files can be downloaded from here for 3D printing.
  49. nomadreid

    Files appearing in google drive without my input

    Today for the first time in my Google Drive there appear several files in "quick access" labeled "you downloaded this month" although I did not explicitly download them, but were perhaps downloaded as part of a java script running somewhere on my computer, or maybe they are malware, that is the...
  50. R

    Saving Output Files with HDSDR Software Using a Dongle

    Hello. I use HDHSDR software with my dongle and I need to record displayed spectrum. I've found how to record sound (.wav) but not yet how to record spectrum in a way for instance {frequency, level}. I spent a lot of time in searching such an information but with no sucess.