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Matlab find() function in script

  1. Sep 20, 2010 #1
    Hi All!
    Brief version:
    I would like to use statement starting with [ in Matlab script. Is it possible, if yes, how?

    Longer version:
    I'm writing code in matlab. I need to find matrix indices, for which the statement M==10 is true. (I found find() function, which is perfect for the task).


    It works perfectly within the command window, but not in my script.
    I get an error message, stating: parse error at '[' ... not valid matlab script
    Can you help, or I must write an algorithm for finding indices? :S

    Thanks in advance!
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    Use (), not [] for the find argument
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    Thank you! :) That was the problem. As you can see I'm just started coding in matlab...
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