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Matlab matrix bar graph with errors

  1. Feb 21, 2012 #1
    As in the title I have a matlab graph. Its a bar chart with two sets of data done in matrix form. When I try and put in error bars the way I'm used to they both go on but in the middle of the two sets of data. Any way I can make them appear over the actual bars? Any help greatly appreciated!!

    The code I have so far is:

    close all

    Under = [ 5.46, 2.02, 1.17];
    Outside = [7.23, 3.99, 3.2];

    E = [1.162, 1.162, 1.162];

    data = [Under; Outside];

    Matrix = (data');

    %size (Matrix)

    figure (1);
    bar(Matrix); hold on
    errorbar(Under ,E, 'ks');
    errorbar(Outside, E, 'ks');

    xlabel('Layers of tape');
    title('Optimised Settings');
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    mistake post
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